And then it happened... LeBron (@KingJames) gets a ring

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9 years ago it seemed obvious. LeBron James would win several NBA titles, a rack of MVP's... Self-anointed, he was the "Chosen One". Try as he might however, LeBron James would fail. Sure, he was and is the NBA's most talented player maybe ever. That and a bag of chips makes for great conversation. It doesn't win championships.

Never a fan of the man, many including myself have to ask what now? What changes? LeBron James and the Miami Heat have won the NBA Championship and are champions for the first time since a Dwayne Wade and Shaq led team won in 2006. For Wade, it's number two. For LeBron it's the infamous monkey that players like Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley will always live with. No longer is LeBron James without gold, without a title, without a ring.


The Interview: Da YoungFellaz (@DaYoungFellaz)

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Years ago I was hanging out with friends drinking, talking having a good time; when my attention over and over was drawn to the music playing. I asked someone who album was playing and I was told it was Da YoungFellaz Jay Strom and Sho-Biz. This has happened before it is how I became aware that Illmatic was a historical album, that Mac Miller has talent even the fact that I can enjoy Dub-Step. The reason I mention this because I know have gotten the privilege to chat and interview with them. I can now say what I always suspected listen to their music they are humble talented and love to make great music for the love of making great music.

I hope that everyone that is reading this and has not had the opportunity listen to Da YoungFellaz takes the time to listen to the Underclassmen. If you are already familiar with Jay Strom and Sho-Biz, then enjoy reading this interview. This will not be the last time we hear from Da YoungFellaz they are just getting warmed up.


Maker's 46

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Maker's Mark has released a second big idea just ask them Bourbon, and it is a pheonom. No it is not the end all for Bourbon but it is as close as I have tasted. Maker's 46 make you feel like yes like MMMM like let's get it done. It is the reason you leave work early, the reason you go home late.


Knob Creek

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I have to say Knob Creek Bourbon has me speechless! Yes, I was aware that Knob Creek was exceptional bourbon and yes, I was aware that it was highly appreciated. What took me of guard was the fact that it works, period. What I mean is that there was not a single drink that I made where it wasn't an improvement because of Knob Creek.

A little history behind a bottle of Knob Creek; it was the passion of Booker Noe, grandson of Jim Beam. It has a pre-prohibition style; it has a wonderful wood flavor from the nine years it spent in oak barrels. The name came from a small creek that runs by Abraham Lincoln’s home when he was growing up. Booker created bourbon fit to be at the President’s bar at all times. It is a wonderful example of American bourbon and is damn near perfect.

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