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10 for 10: Adam Ward Talks His CFFC Debut, Title Shot and Fighting Abraham Lincoln!

CFFC 61 is approaching and as many are saying, this could be one of the best cards the east coast based promotion has ever put together. We will see two titles up for grabs and many contenders emerge from other bouts to take on the champs! One such guy looking to take one of those titles is Chicago based fighter, Adam Ward (16-9). Adam was able to get back on the winning side of things with a huge win over Doug Deback at RFA 39 and now looks to take the CFFC Featherweight strap from Jared Gordon in his CFFC debut. Before we get into this interview get over to Twitter and give him a follow @g2fighter28. Now with that said, its time to get this started!

Hey Adam, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to sit down with us, can you take a minute and tell our readers about yourself like what got you into MMA, what your favorite part of being a pro fighter is and why people should be on the lookout for you?

Ward: I always watched UFC as a kid in the days of all the pioneers of the sport. But I just pretty much went and did my first fight. My buddy called me and told me that there were fights going on at a local venue and I told him to find out who was running it so he gave me the guy’s number. I called it and then the guy hooked me up with a fight. I lost the fight but then after he sent me to a gym (Gilbert Grappling) and the rest is history. Being a pro fighter is obviously fun. I mean I get paid to punch people. That’s awesome. A good reason to be on the lookout for me? Well, for starters I’m coming for that belt!

Now you are a Chicago guy. Do you feel that environment molded you as the person and fighter you are today? We saw another Chicago based fighter in Phil Brooks (CM Punk) make his debut (unsuccessfully) in the UFC last month, as a fellow Chicago guy were you a believer and what did you see?

Ward: Being from Chicago definitely helped mold me as a fighter. I mean I grew up in the burbs and later moved and trained there for 7 or 8 years. Growing up in the Midwest instills a certain work ethic. It creates Grinders. Guys that just grind through no matter what. And CM Punk. Don’t even get me started. He’s from the burbs of Chicago and he trains in Milwaukee so he’s about as much a Chicagoan as he is a fighter.

I couldn’t agree more on that mentality of breeding grinder, from the ice rink to the cage, Chicago based guys to work! And as for the other topic, couldn’t agree more. Now you are a pretty well-traveled guy, having appeared all over the world and with numerous promotions. What promotion has been your favorite so far and with a record like yours (16-9 with 9 finishes) what do you feel you need to do to make it to a top promotion like the UFC?

Ward: Traveling to Finland and fighting for CAGE was fun, I would definitely like to go back there again. Also, World Series of Fighting was good to fight for and then my first pro fight was in Costa Rica which was obviously fun. The key to getting in the UFC is having the wins on paper and against legit opponents definitely helps. I feel that with this win, I’ll be getting closer to accomplishing that.

Gordon is definitely a legitimate opponent, so you have the stars aligned. One big step I am sure is having a successful CFFC debut on Oct 29th vs Jared Gordon for his featherweight strap. This fight seems to have come out of nowhere as this is your debut in the promotion. Talk to us about how it got set up and how nice it is having your debut for a title?

Ward: One of my guys from another local gym texted me and asked me if I wanted a title shot and of course I said yes. It won’t be the first time that I have entered an organization for a title. I like being at co-main or main event.

No doubt man, this is my sleeper fight of the night. This could be a war! Now as our readers know, the CFFC is one of our favorite promotions. What drew you to them and do you plan on staying around for a while?

Ward: I go where the fights are and CFFC is a great promotion and I’m very excited to work with them.

We couldn’t agree more! The CFFC is one of the best! Now you are coming into this fight off a win vs Doug Deback at RFA 39. That win snapped a string of losses. Did you do anything differently in that fight and how nice was it to get back where you belong, with your hand raised at the end?

Ward: I had a rough 2015. Got caught off guard two fights in a row and then got food poisoning for the KOTC championship title and I still tried to go through with it which in retrospect was not such a good idea. It felt good to get back in the winning column. Especially after a completely dominating performance.

Yeah, I remember reading about that, true meaning of warrior. So let’s get right to it. You and Jared Gordon face off on the 29th at the Borgata in AC. Jared is a savage fighter who can seemingly end the fight anywhere (like yourself), when you look at the tape what do you see in the champ? Where do you feel you have the advantage? How do you see it going?

Ward: When I watch Jared Gordon’s fights, I see a brawler. I see a guy that has good timing and should be respected. But I plan on being a man possessed this fight. I am coming for that strap. He may wanna pack a lunch. Cuz i plan on using every inch of that cage, both on my feet and on top him on his back. I’m predicting fireworks. But yes. I’d be happy to stand and put on a show

See this is why I know this could really be fight of the night! I know Zu and Pinto are gonna put on a Rock Em Sock Em robots show after you but this is gonna be awesome! Now you are based out of Gilbert Grappling in Chicago, talk to us about what drew you there, what makes them different and are there any guys we should keep our eyes on?

Ward: After I did my first fight, a promoter sent me to a gym and that gym ended up being Gilbert Grappling. It’s just a solid group of great wrestlers and fighters with numerous wrestling state champs and high level grapplers. Larry Digiulio is probably our biggest standout right now. He will be fighting for the World Series of Fighting Global Championship this December in Tokyo.

Ahh yes, I am well versed on Larry and his work, looking forward to his WSOF bout. Ok, we know your time is short so we will hit you with one last question and it’s that age old Fight Club question, if you could stand across the cage from anyone no matter age or weight class, who would it be and why?

Ward: I agree with Tyler Durden in his argument on fighting Abraham Lincoln. Bigger guy. Long reach. Plus he was a wrestler. It would be interesting. But another would be Hunter S. Thompson just cuz you never know what will happen.

YES GREAT ANSWER! And for those of you who don’t know who Hunter S Thompson is, he is the journalist who wrote Hell’s Angels and was an all out badass! But man his time in the Air Force might give him the edge lol. Before we let you go, are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Ward: Thanks to my guys at G2. Thanks to GRIT mouth guards. The Dapper Club Chicago. And Dursen Shoes.

There you have it fight fans, Adam Ward. Now make sure to pack your lunches because Oct 29th at the Borgata IT’S GOING DOWN!!!!

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