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10 for 10: Anthony “The Animal” Terrell Talks CFFC, Family and #WhoTheHellIsAnthonyTerrell!

Welcome back fight fans and here we are at #4 of our 10 For 10 Series here at Art of MMA. Today we are very excited to introduce you to a fighter who is coming up through the CFFC and is poised to have a great career, Anthony “The Animal” Terrell (6-2. 5 KO, 1 Sub). Anthony is a 33 year old (don’t let the number fool you, he is a straight savage in the cage) fighting out of Renzo Gracie Philly. He could be one of the more personable fighters I have got to meet via social media so make sure to get over to Twitter + Instragram and follow him @rudeboy_rell7. So lets get to know the man behind the gloves!

Hey Anthony thanks for taking the time to sit down with us here at Art of MMA and being part of our 10 for 10 series. So you have one of the greatest hashtags I have ever seen, #whothehellisanthonyterrell. So just who the hell is Anthony Terrell and why should fans take notice of you?

Terrell: Thank you, I came up with the hashtag myself lol. I’m a man of action, so telling you who I am would be worthless, follow me and find out. I can tell you that I’m a multi talented intense individual who’s extremely passionate about many things, and still finding my way. It’s up to the people to decide whether or not I’m someone they want to be a fan of. But i guarantee, if your not a fan of me for one thing, you’ll be a fan of mine for another ;).

Welp, you have my attention now! Love the direct answer and leaving it up to people, not trying to get the cheep sell… I respect that. Now you are from Jersey which is a hot bed for MMA in the last couple of years. Then you moved to Philly which is known for it’s boxing and fanatical sports fans, what got you into the world of MMA, was there ever pressure to go into other sports like boxing? If you weren’t a MMA fighter what do you think you would be doing?

Terrell: Well I’m from Sicklerville New Jersey, hometown of Jordan Burroughs. I moved to Philly in 2006 and didn’t begin fighting until 2012. I did a Brazilian martial art called Capoeira for 4 years, and hanging out with all those Brazilians exposed me to Jiu Jitsu and the UFC. The group that I trained with relocated to a MMA facility where we taught capoeira. I ended up taking Jiu Jitsu and MMA there and the rest is history. I have always got pressure to just box or do Muay Thai, but I could never just box cause of my obsession with the ability to knee and Jiu Jitsu got me into MMA. I’m in love with the fact that outside of the cage I’m prepared to defend myself against any style of real life attacker. As for outside of fighting, eventually I’ll be the owner of my own production company and a entrepreneur. Those were the goals before MMA, I’m still working on them while training. I haven’t let any dreams go, just added some new ones to the life plan.

YES!!! CAPOEIRA and now all our readers who know what that is are now singing the song from the movie that exposed America to the dance style of martial arts, great skill set to have with an array of crazy kicks!! Starting to see more and more guys with that background! You seem to be a stand-up guy with solid hands after watching your highlights, your 6-2 record with 5 TKO wins kinda supports that. How would you describe yourself as a fighter?

Terrell: Cerebral, meticulous, serial killer like almost. I want to finish at all times! I’m experienced and disciplined enough to know patience now. So I don’t waste all my explosive athletic ability trying to force anything and making mistakes that my opponent can capitalize on in the process. But I’m a moody person so depending on how comfortable or how much fun I’m having in a fight I sometimes go back to old ways and bang it out. Regardless I’m always exciting to watch.

Couldn’t agree more after watching some of your fights! Now I touched on the fans before, I got the chance to catch the highlights of your last win vs Robert Sullivan, the one thing that really stood out to me was how insane your fans get! They make the travel from Philly and bring that ruckus with them! What do your fans mean to you and if you could say one thing to them what would it be?

Terrell: They are beyond appreciated and on many occasions have been the driving force and inspiration to keep on keeping on in this sport. I didn’t get into this for fortune and fame, I simply did it to see if I could do it because I have loved martial arts since a small child. But the support, love, and adoration people have shown me is greater than any I’ve ever received. I have to be honest it’s extremely uplifting, especially for people who I don’t know that well to come up to me or message and point out things I’ve done to uplift, encourage, inspire and impress them. I have always looked at myself thru my own harsh eyes, it wasn’t until having a actual fan base that I even saw all the positive ways I’ve grown as a man, not just a martial artist! So if I could say something to them it would be that I love you all and I thank you so much for your support. You have all encouraged me and uplifted me and I can only hope to continue do the same for you.

That is awesome man, not many people go into detail like that about what their fans really mean, they just say “thanks”. It’s refreshing to see someone who really cares and realizes the impact they can make. You are a CFFC guy and I think we all know the admiration I have for that promotion. Talk to us about what drew you to that promotion, what keeps you there and how awesome is it having Burt Watson getting everyone ready to fight?

Terrell: My long time teammate Paul Felder and I have been training together since our AMMY days. He made his pro debut on a CFFC card and I worked his corner, and it was the most well organized, well put together fight card either one of us had the experience of being apart of at the time. It was hard to go anywhere else after that. The Atlantic city locations are always a big draw to both my South Jersey home crowd and my Philly fans.

Burt is the MAN, his energy alone is contagious and it’s nothing like it. Nothing like those types of vibes backstage to help put you in an even deeper state of readiness to rock n roll in that cage. Since Burt has joined the organization there has been significant changes that has improved the quality of their production and shows, I love it.

Yeah the CFFC and Burt Watson RULE (you can find his interview with us here). You are in great hands over there, Rob Haydak and company are the best. Now the last time we saw you was a very short-lived battle with Robert Sullivan where you finished the fight pretty brutally in the first round via punches. Talk to us about that fight and is there anything in the works for seeing you again this year in the cage?

Terrell: So my last fight didn’t go at all as I planned it, it actually went way better as you probably saw. I was expecting a war, and was prepared for the grind. I was looking to showcase some real wrestling and grappling skills cause I knew I was up against a tough wrestler in Sullivan. But I started the fight patient waiting for him to bring it but he seemed comfortable standing so once my mind shifted to my greater comfort of striking, I began with basics feints and footwork and ended up setting him up with a mean right cross. I noticed him blocking high expecting me to kick so I threw a few to gauge his response to them and once I saw a opening, exploded into it!

As for my next fight, I’m currently waiting for a contract and an opponent now for late October in Atlantic city, so get ready to get a t-shirt and a ticket lol. The fireworks are coming back soon!

You won’t have to twist my arm! Watching you go to work is always a good time and a CFFC card can’t be a bad card, it’s like impossible! Now you are a part of Renzo Gracie Philly, talk to us about what took you to them and what does it mean to represent one of the greatest names in MMA in Renzo Gracie?

Terrell: It’s an honor to represent such a highly esteemed and prestigious name in MMA and the Jiu Jitsu world. Jiu Jitsu was the first thing I fell in love with that got me into MMA. So naturally I wanted to train at a place where I could get the high level of Jiu Jitsu for MMA. Teammates Paul Felder, Johnson Jajoute and Pat Sabatini convinced me to come back over the bridge to train there after I moved back to Jersey after the birth of my son. It only took one time meeting Daniel, and training down there underneath him, and with those guys for me to feel like i was a part of something great. So that’s where my loyalty has been and that’s where it’s going to stay!

That is awesome man, I think all our readers know the absolute respect we here at Art of MMA have for Renzo Gracie and all those associated with him! Also congrats on the son!! So what are your overall goals in the world of MMA?

Terrell: Just to go down in history as one of the best mixed martial artist inside and outside of the cage, oh and to be deemed one of the most dangerous strikers that ever did it lol. Seriously though, MMA is still a new passion of mine, it was never in my my list of goals until my late 20’s. So I’m still taking it as it comes, falling in and out of love with it at times but as rough as it gets Its something about it that keeps me in it. I love the man its made me, and I’m interested in seeing how much more I can make of myself as a mixed martial artist. I already know I’m a fighter now, but as a fighter, compensation in my opinion even at the highest level isn’t what it should be. So I’m looking forward to and hope to help create a day when we as fighters/entertainers/pro athletes make the type of money we really deserve. I’ll always be a practicing mixed martial artist, I’m not always going to fight in a cage, no matter how much I love it. It’s a business, a business that benefits from my blood sweat and tears.

Now it’s time for that age old Fight Club Question, if you could stand across the cage from anyone no matter era or weight class who would it be and why?

Terrell: My biological father whom I’ve never met. If anyone deserves the greatest asswhooping I could ever dish out, it would be him! (jk, or not) you be the judge lol.

Ok I apologize to anyone I ever told that they had given me the best answer to that question as this is now the number one answer I have ever been given, sorry Leeroy Barnes who said “you, for asking me that question”. That is amazing! I know your time is precious so before we let you go are there any sponsors are people you would like to mention?

Terrell: Well first of all you guys for taking the time to ask the question #WhoTheHellisAnthonyTerrell. My coaches David Osaghe of Judo movement, Erik Purcell of MPR, and Daniel Gracie and my fight family from Renzo Gracie Philly. We really have all of each others best interest and are there for one another the way a team and family should be. My UFC gym family and coach Phil Maldonato. My sponsors Class Act Auto, Barberextraordinaire, Haynes Construction, Crystal Clear Cleaning, J&B Windows and Doors, Mz Eazys Cafe and of course my family.

There you have it fight fans you now know the answer to the greatest hashtag ever #WhoTheHellIsAnthonyTerrell. We want to thank Anthony for taking the time out of his schedule and also you the readers for taking the time to get to know these fighters, without you we don’t exist. Make sure to get over on social media and follow Anthony @rudeboy_rell7 and us over at @theartofmma, @cagechattererik and @_akamike. Thanks again and keep checking the page for the next installment of our 10 for 10 series.

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