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10 for 10: Brandon Cuttino Talks Street Fighter, Kickboxing Vs MMA and a return to Glory!

Welcome back fight fans and today we step out of the cage and between the ropes to catch up with longtime friend and pretty badass kickboxer Brandon Cuttino. A New Jersey native with strong connections in the MMA world, Brandon has stayed true to his passion for kickboxing but is beyond knowledgeable of everything combat related. He has completed in many different promotions such as Glory and Combat at the Capital and is a name you should be really keeping an eye on him as if he ever makes the jump to MMA, he would be a buzz saw in the competition. So get over to social media and shoot “The Mechanic” a follow @BCuttinoTSMA, but now it’s time to step between the ropes!

Welcome back to the one and only “The Mechanic” Brandon Cuttino. It’s been a while so get us caught up, what new and exciting in the world of “The Mechanic”? We also need to give you a big shoutout for hooking us up with Arce, Trizano and others who have been featured in our #10for10 series. How important do you feel it is for the fighter community to look out for each other like that and not keep all the spotlight for themselves?

Cuttino: Not much happening right now. Took a few weeks off from training so the body and mind can rest up. I’ve been focusing on my students and helping them reach their goals. I think it’s very important to help each other out especially if you are teammates. I want my teammates to shine because if one of us is shining then we all are shining. Successful people always welcome success for others.

You’re like the professional best friend everyone needs man, for as long as I have known you, you have always been looking out for everyone! Now we are stepping out of the cage and inside the ropes as you are a pretty well known kickboxer but an overall martial artist. Talk to us about what drove you to the world of kickboxing and what keeps you there as opposed to making the jump to MMA?

Cuttino: Always been a fan of kickboxing. Watching the movie kickboxer as a kid definitely helped. Also, I was a fan of Sagat from Street Fighter. Timing and opportunity is what drove me to kickboxing and not to MMA. I’m with Tiger Schulmann’s MMA and we do it all. We kickbox, box, grapple and do MMA. We have a few guys in the UFC and some up and comers in the MMA world but I want people to know that we can do it all. I got my teammates representing us in the MMA world and I do the same in the kickboxing world. Also, I can still travel the world doing kickboxing.

Yeah, Sagat was the scariest dude when he premiered and I am sure Jean-Claude Van Damme had a lot of people following that dream. I cried when Eric got paralyzed in that movie… remember it like it was yesterday. Speaking of MMA, you train and instruct over at Tiger Schulmann’s gym (East Brunswick) which is also a well know hotbed for MMA. When you are training do you roll with guys like Julio Arce and others? What sort of different aspect do you train outside of the MMA guys, for example what do you do more to focus on your leg strikes?

Cuttino: I train with everybody and we all train together. We do strength and conditioning training as well. Nothing too crazy.

I like it man! For our readers who might not know you as kickboxing is still a growing sport, talk to us about who you are and why people should take notice of you.

Cuttino: I’m a man of God, a family man and just a chill guy. People should take a notice of me cause I’m not your average Joe. I can entertain you not just with my punches and kicks but with my words and mind. So people definitely keep eye on me cause I’m the guy that’s going to make kickboxing big in the USA!!!

Couldn’t agree more and don’t think we didn’t see that Dodgeball reference, well done! Do you ever spar or roll with the MMA guys, how is that experience?

Cuttino: One of my favorite training partners is Shane Burgos who is fighting on UFC 210. It’s just a fun time when we partner up. I go with Mike Trizano and Brad Desir as well. It’s all about getting better and training with them helps me get to the next level.

Man you better stop playin’ around with The Hurricane, that guy is about to show his true potential at 210. Got to see a ton of him in the CFFC and his UFC debut. Last time we saw you in Glory, you were stepping between the ropes to face off vs a super tough Joe Bastone. You got took home the win but talk to us about that fight as it was billed as a huge step up in competition for you.

Cuttino: It was a great experience. GLORY is such a great promotion, loved fighting for them and can’t wait to do it again. Joe Bastone is such a humble and chill guy. It was an honor to share the ring with him. Seen him as an amateur and I knew we could put on a show and we did.

Agreed man, was a great match. Since then you had an absolute war at Combat at the Capitale in NYC last January. You got the split decision over John Salgado. Talk to us about that bout and what did you learn from it, did your coaches think it would be a split? I didn’t.

Cuttino: I didn’t think it was a split decision and neither did my coaches. I thought I won handedly, but as they say don’t leave it in the hand of the judges. I always learn something when I step in the ring.

Yeah I was a bit caught off when he caught that second judge but hey you got that W and that is all that matters. So after that win, do you feel like it was more of a challenge than Bastone? What’s next for “The Mechanic”?

Cuttino: Each fight is different and each fight has it’s own challenges. I’m looking to get back in the ring in July and hopefully with GLORY again.

YES! YES! YES! Now sometimes fighters get the label as being a person who only deals with fights and training. You are quite different as we have had some great talks on Twitter (@BCuttinoTSMMA) about WWE, video games and more. You even rocked a “Training to beat Goku” shirt in an interview. Talk to us about how you are outside of the cage and what were your thoughts on WrestleMania (thought Miz would win lol)?

Cuttino: I’m just a relaxed guy. Like you said, I enjoy video games and pro wrestling. I’m also a big hockey and football fan. On Sunday, I volunteer at my church. I love to give back when I can.
All in all, WrestleMania was a good PPV. Just didn’t like the fact that the Universal was after the WWE championship. Very happy AJ Styles and Seth Rollins won but wanted Enzo & Cass to get those straps.

NO! Brandon all the NYC and NJ guys can’t have titles… DELETE! Now speaking of how you are down to Earth, you have a pretty rabid fan club aka The The Tune Up Crew. What does that crew mean to you, how did they get that name and if you could say one thing to them what would it be?

Cuttino: Just wanted a name for the fans that went with The Mechanic. Pit Crew and grease monkeys didn’t work. Then I thought to myself, I’m going to tune up my opponent so lets go with The Tune Up Crew. The people liked it and it stuck! One things I would like to say is, thanks for the support. I truly appreciate it and am blessed to have the love.

Ok man, we know your time is limited so we will get you out of here but before we let you go are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Cuttino: First I want to thank you for having me again. Really appreciate what you do for us fighters. I want to thank my agent David Fish, best agent in the business. Want to thank my sponsor Tigear Fight Gear my equipment and my Fighter Shirt that the fans can wear. Want to thank my fans as well aka the Tune Up Crew. Appreciate the support I get from them. Also, I want to thank my family, teammates and coaches. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. Please make sure to hit me up on social media.

There you have it fight fans, The Mechanic! We love getting a chance to sit down with Brandon as he really is good people and do make sure to shoot him a follow, he is a blast on social media! And hopefully we can add him to some upcoming big announcements and features at ArtofMMA.com!

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