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10 for 10: Jared “Flash” Gordon Talks CFFC 61, Growing Up in NYC and His Journey to the Title!

CFFC 61 is coming Oct 29th live from the Borgata in Atlantic City and this card is STACKED!!!! We are bringing you interviews from all the top fighters on this card and check this out, not only does this card feature the grudge match in the Heavyweight title fight between Zu Anyawu and Joe Pinto but we get to see the Featherweight champion, Jared “Flash” Gordon defend his title versus the journeyman Adam Ward. This fight could easily be fight of the night and today we are very excited to bring you THE CHAMP Jared Gordon. Now Jared is a Renzo Gracie guy so you know he is a badass and he is currently sitting at 11-1. Make sure to get over to Twitter and follow him @NYCFLASHGORDON and IG @Jaredflashgordon. So get ready kids because it starts now!

Hey champ! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, we know you are training hard for this bout but before we get to that, can you tell our readers a little about yourself and why we should take notice of you?

Gordon: First off, I just want to thank you guys for the interview. Any exposure I can get is good. I graduated high school pretty directionless and heading in a bad direction. I wanted to do something physical for fitness and I found Rhino Fight Team in Astoria, Queens. I wrestled in middle school and I knew I wanted to do something martial art related. It was 2007, the UFC was blowing up at the time. I started training and 4 months later had my first amateur fight. My favorite aspect of MMA is that I’m always challenging myself with training and opponents. It keeps me disciplined as well, which I definitely need in my life. MMA fans should follow me because I truly feel that by the time I’m 32-33 I will be UFC champion. I know I will be top 10 in the next few years.

Nice man, sounds like MMA kinda saved you from yourself which is something we hear a lot! Also those are some pretty high expectations, I like it and know from all I have seen from you that they are achievable. Now you are from the greatest city on Earth, NYC, specifically Queens. Talk to us about how that area and culture molded you to who you are as a man and as a fighter.

Gordon: Growing up in Queens/NYC has had a huge impact on my life, especially as a teenager and young adult. Nowhere else in the world compares to NYC. We have a take no shit attitude over here. Probably part of the reason why I love fighting so much. I grew up fighting. Its part of my blood, my family’s blood, and New York as a whole.

As a fellow New Yorker, I couldn’t agree more! Now you also have a nickname that we see a lot in MMA in “Flash.” How did you get it and do you feel it describes you?

Gordon: I got the nickname Flash from my first MMA coach, Steven Williams. my non stop pace and never quit attitude is why he gave it to me.

Nice man! Now you have been with my personal favorite promotion, the CFFC for your entire pro career and since CFFC 6. Talk to us about what the CFFC means to you, why you stay there, how it has changed in the time you have been there and how it is working for Rob Haydak and company?

Gordon: CFFC is like family to me. I started fighting for them in 2011. They started as a smaller show and have turned into the biggest regional promotions in the country. They treat me like a pro, and I know it is how I will get to UFC. I cannot thank Robert Haydak and the CFFC staff enough for what they have done for me. They stuck with me through my highs and low.

I couldn’t agree more. Rob Haydak, Arias Garcia Jr, Devon Mathiesen and company are doing an amazing job! You are currently the CFFC Featherweight champ. Talk to us about the road you took getting the strap and how it felt to overcome the loss to Jeff Lentz by beating Anthony Morrison pretty quickly at CFFC 59. What sort of emotions did you go through when the belt was put around your waist and how does it feel to be “the man?”

Gordon: My loss to Jeff Lentz was a fluke. I am not taking anything from him but I was up on all the judges cards but got hurt. The doctors stopped the fight between the 3rd and the 4th. What can I do? I had certain holes that Jeff exposed. But I have fixed a lot of them. I needed that fight to grow and put me where I am today. I knew that belt was mine, Morrison was my toughest opponent by far, he beat Lentz fairly easily as well. KO’ing him was my destiny in a sense. I almost cried for a moment but that passed. I was pretty emotionless to be honest following the win. I was happy obviously. But I just feel like that was destined, the time just had to pass for it to be history.

Man that is awesome! It sounds like you, for lack of a better term had a “good loss” in that the loss to Jeff kind of kicked you in the ass to fix what needed to be fixed and that led to you becoming a champion! Now in your opinion doesn’t being a champion in the CFFC put you on a fast track to the UFC, as we have seen former champs like Jonavin Webb and George Sullivan (just to name a few) go on the UFC. What else do you feel you need to accomplish to make that next step?

Gordon: I don’t know what UFC wants and to be honest I don’t give a shit. There’s a million Jared Gordon’s thirsty for UFC. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and my time will come.

That and you can add in that being in the CFFC is just as badass as they are now getting/producing a ton of UFC talent. Being a champion there, at least to me means a ton! But I like how you realize there are more guys like you and you just have to do you! They will come looking I am sure. Ok let’s get to it, you’re currently sitting at 11-1 and riding a 2 fight win streak. You now defend your title versus an ultra tough vet in Adam Ward on Oct 29th at the Borgata in AC. Talk to us about your thoughts on this fight as he is coming in and making a CFFC debut for your title. Where do you feel you have the advantages and without telling us too much, have you done anything differently in training? How do you see this fight going?

Gordon: Adam is a tough kid. That’s about it. He has decent grappling game. I know I’m better everywhere this fight could go. I think I’ll finish him in the first or second round. I train every aspect of fighting almost every day. I have not changed much.

I can really dig the confidence there, this is my sleeper for fight of the night if he can get past your striking. Now this is a pretty stacked card with two title defenses on it, besides your fight, are there any other fights you are looking forward to seeing and how awesome is it to be on this card as a co-main event?

Gordon: I don’t care about other people’s fights. It is a stacked card. But I’m here for my fans and the people that support me and the people I want to help in the future. All this fight stuff is just a platform for me to make a name for myself so I can help others. No one listens to a no one.

Man I love that “no one listens to a no one,” I might have to steal that. So I have got the chance to see you in person and watch many of your highlight tapes. Now the action inside the cage is always great as you are known as a finisher (7 finished in 12 fights) but one thing that is always a constant are your fans, THEY ARE INSANE!!! I know you hear them or see them in the replays, talk to us about what they mean to you and if you could say one thing to them what would it be and why?

Gordon: My fans and the people that support me are why I do this. They are my driving motivation. without them I would have no reason to fight. I would be dead, in prison, or shooting smack without my friends/fans and family.

Man don’t do that lol. Now we touched on training before, you are a Renzo Gracie guy. To me he is one of the best guys in and out of the world of MMA. Talk to us about why you choose his gym and what keeps you there?

Gordon: I started with Renzo’s because it’s clearly the best grappling gym on the planet. Coupled with Church Street Boxing and my striking coach, Jason Strout, it’s the perfect combo! I started watching Renzo’s videos against other martial artists as a young kid and realized how effective BJJ was. Plus let’s not forget Renzo is the man! He would give you the shirt off his back in a blizzard.

Couldn’t agree more, Renzo Gracie is a great man to everyone in and out of the cage! Ok, know we know your time is short and important so we will hit you with one last question and it’s that age old Fight Club Question, if you could stand across the cage from anyone who would it be and why?

Gordon: I would love to fight a clone of myself. I am and have been my biggest enemy. It would be a fight to the death. I think that would be pretty cool.

YES!!!!! SOMEONE FINALLY DID IT! In 5 years of interviews no one has ever went all Double Dragon on it, not even the old school video game head, Evan Velez! Love your answer and that would be a hell of a scrap! Now before we let you go are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Gordon: I just want to thank my family, AA sponsor Tommy, and my coaches and teammates.

Well fight fans there you have it, Jared Gordon! Make sure to follow him on social media at the names above. Make sure to get yourself over to the Borgata on the 29th of Oct or tune in live via the CFFC.tv website. This card won’t disappoint and the dual title fight main events are sure to be amazing!

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