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10 for 10: John Phillips Talks Knockouts, Knockouts and more Knockouts on His Way to His UFC Debut!

Welcome back fight fans and man do we have a surprise today. As we have seen from how’s like Dana White’s “Looking for a fight” and the recent signings by the UFC, the new era is here. We have champions like Cody Garbrandt, Amanda Nunes and Conor McGregor, all are a perfect example of this. Today we got the chance to sit down with one of the UFC’s newest talents who is set to make his UFC debut coming up on Jan 28 at UFC on Fox 23, John Phillips (21-6). Believe us when we say he is part of the new era! We are very confident when we say John will be a household name VERY soon because of his insane talent of knocking people out as he has recorded 18 KO victories already! So take a minute to get over to Twitter and shoot him a follow @johnphillipsmma and get to know the man behind the gloves! So keep your hands up because here we go!

Hey John, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us here at ArtofMMA.com. Let’s take it all the way back to the beginning and talk to us about what got you into the world of MMA?

Phillips: I got into MMA because I thought it was the ultimate combat sport with nowhere to hide. If you’re the better fighter it will always show. And that really applied to me, to think I would be like a gladiator in the Roman days. Kill or be killed attitude.

You literally have no idea how much I love this answer and mindset! Now you’re sitting at 21-6 and should be a household name but being abroad fans might miss out on you. Talk to us about what makes you a unique fighter and why fans should be taking note of you ASAP? Especially with 18 wins via KO and the fan love for the huge KO’s.

Phillips: Being a household name sounds awesome but to be honest I couldn’t care less if I am or if I’m not. I’m in this game for myself, my family and to prove to myself I got what it takes to be the best. I always fight for the finish and always will. People can like me or not I’m still coming to take someone’s head off!!

Ladies and gentleman I want to take this time to tell everyone I have a new favorite fighter!!!!! Love the mentality and the fact you are willing to say you do it for yourself and your family! Now you are a Welsh fighter, technically from Swansea, talk to us about the MMA scene over there and is it any different from what we see here in the USA?

Phillips: I can’t talk for the whole of Wales but in Swansea where I live there isn’t a big MMA scene at the moment but we’re all born to fight in Wales. We’ve been fighting from the day we’ve born!

Born Vikings! You make your much anticipated UFC debut later this month on the 28th when you travel to Colorado for UFC on Fox 23 when you face Marcos Rogerio De Lima. Talk to us about how this fight came to happen, how relieved you were to get that call from the UFC and what preparation you are taking to make the trip for the fight?

Phillips: I was over the moon when we got the offer to fight and I still am, it still don’t feel real. I still think someone is going to steal the fight away from me somehow. Can’t wait to get the fight done and earn my stripes! I’ll finally be able to call myself a UFC fighter.

I can’t wait either man, I had someone mention your name to me so I checked out the highlights and thought “how the hell is this guy not in the UFC?” This is going to be awesome. Speaking of much anticipated, your fans have been calling for you to be in the UFC for a while. I got to catch some highlight films of you and man, your fans are intense!!! Take a second to talk to us about what they mean to you and if you could say one thing to them what would it be and why?

Phillips: My fans like me because they know I always turn up for a fight and won’t except anything but a finish! The support is unreal and always has been. All I want to do is do them my family and friends proud. I’m born to fight everything has lead up to this moment.

Turn up is putting it lightly man, you are a savage! I have a strong feeling your fan base is going to explode in numbers after the 28th. Now you are riding a 4 fight win streak (all via KO). When you look at Marcos on tape what do you see? He is a guy that likes to stand and bang too, what can the fans expect?

Phillips: Simply put….. FIREWORKS!

I would say that is a perfect description. Speaking about your elite stand up skills, what is it about the stand and bang style that attracts you to it?

Phillips: Lol everyone loves a knock out!! I love to finish a fight any way I can but there’s no finish like a one punch KO! Not many people will know the feeling and that feeling is the best in the world!

Love it! With a win at UFC on Fox you will have them won 5 in a row, were do you think that would put you in the 185 division and how do you feel you stack up there?

Phillips: I’m not sure where the win will put me but I plan on ripping the division apart! I’m not in this game to be second best there’s only one place I’ll be happy, at and that’s at the top in the #1 slot!! Watch this space!

No other mindset would be acceptable man! Looking at your record, it reads like a who’s who of BAMMA, CWFC and Cage Rage. What have been some of your favorite fights so far and why?

Phillips: The fights I won! Lol all jokes aside though my losses have been great to (not that I felt as the time) because they made me go away and add to my game and made me into a more complete fighter. Still like the KO wins the best.

I like that, gotta go with the KO’s but still understand the losses made you better! Now we know your time is limited so before we let you go, are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Phillips: Your right about the time thing I can’t fit enough into every day. I have a huge list of people I’d like to thank but it would take me into next year so for now I’ll just thank my coaches, my sponsors and all the people who believe in me thank you all and god bless.

There you have it fight fans, John Phillips…. he is coming so make sure to get over to social media and follow him because we have a strong feeling he is going to take the UFC 185 division and MMA by storm!

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