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10 for 10: Jonavin Webb Talks His Return to CFFC!

FIGHT FANS, ART OF MMA IS BACK! There is no better way to come back in my opinion than to bring you a huge interview with one of MMA’s best rising stars. He is described by the living legend, Renzo Gracie as “a great fighters, a talented young man who has all the tools to shine in our tough sport” which is huge coming from a man who doesn’t mix words! We here at Art of MMA are proud to introduce Jonavin “Spyder” Webb (@jonavinwebb) who is currently 8-2 and getting ready to headline the huge CFFC 60 card vs Isaac Steele (4-0). This marks the return of Webb to the New Jersey based CFFC after a quick run in the UFC.  You can catch this scrap along with the debut of former UFC fighter Eddie “Truck” Gordon on the CBS Sports Network this weekend. So let’s take a minute to know the man in the main event, ladies and gentlemen I present Jonavin Webb!

Hey Jonavin! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us here. Last time we spoke you were getting ready for CFFC 47 where you took home the win in your headlining fight vs Harshbarger. Since then you have had two fights in the UFC and are now returning to the CFFC. Talk to us about this past year. Both in and out of the cage.

Webb: This past year has been super crazy with a lot of ups and downs. I fought twice on the biggest stage in the world for our sport. My daughter was born in April so it’s been great since then.

Congrats on the daughter! I have seen the photos on your Twitter and Instagram (@jonavinwebb) and she is beautiful! Now I know you are a ultra-competitive person and would love to have those two UFC fights back but did you learn anything in those two bouts and getting that UFC experience, how did it make you a better fighter?

Webb: I 100% learned from both of my fights. I feel like I made it to the top without even training seriously. For this fight I went back to my roots and trained my A** off.

Now I have got to see you live and know how hard you train, man people are in for a show if you have somehow taken it to a new level of training! Talk to us about the differences you saw going from a very good promotion like the CFFC up to the top of the ladder at the UFC level, it’s an entirely different experience right?

Webb: It didn’t feel too different. CFFC runs their shows to get fighters to the next level. When I walked into the UFC I felt comfortable. Unfortunately, I didn’t perform the greatest in my last fight but I felt like I was fighting at home.

Speaking of home, you return to your “home” at the CFFC which we all know was one of my favorite fight promotions. I’m sure you got other offers from other promotions but what drew you back to Rob Haydak and company?

Webb: CFFC is my home. I wanted to fight back in front of my fans and in my home state. For my last couple of fights I feel like I lost a lil bit of the fire that use to burn inside of me. I wanted to come back home so I could find that fire again.

I couldn’t agree more and I know you are pumped! How excited to return home to Jersey to fight in front of your hometown fans? I was lucky enough to catch your CFFC 38 win at the Borgata and quite frankly you have one of the strongest fan bases I have seen in a long time in Jersey. What are those fans mean to you and how much do you want to show the world that those two UFC fights aren’t who you are.

Webb: I’m beyond excited to fight in front of my hometown crowd. There is no feeling better than getting my hand raised in front of all of my supporters. I’m not worried about showing the world anything. This fight is for me, my family, and my friends. Win or lose this may be my last time stepping out in the lights. So i can guarantee that I’m gonna leave it all in the cage.

I know we are all excited to have you back but you just dropped my jaw saying it could be your last time, are you hinting at something?

Webb: I’m not sure if this is my last one but it is a possibility. With the new baby and all I also have to start thinking of my future endeavors like maybe opening my own academy.

I can relate to that but here’s to hoping you continue to stay in the cage. Ok we will put that conversation to the side until after the fight. Let’s talk about CFFC 60 and what it means to be the headliner for the card that is being billed “the night we’ve all been waiting for”. We get to see you take on Steele and Eddie “Truck” Gordon make his CFFC debut. Are there any other fights on the card you might try to take a look at before your headliner?

Webb: It’s always an honor to be the “main event.” I would have fought anywhere in this card.  The card is stacked with local talent and I’ll be in the back trying to watch Mike Wilkins, Sean Brady, and Jared Gordan get their hands raised.

NICE! Yes this card is packed with talent from start to finish, Wilkins has a huge test with Delbrugge and that Gordon vs Pickney fight has action packed written all over it. Talk to us about this bout with a very tough Isaac Steele who is 4-0 with 3 first round finishes. What do you see as potential hazards for you in this fight and where do you feel you have the advantages.

Webb: The only way I can lose this fight is from me not showing up. I feel like my grappling and wrestling are superior and I’ve been putting so much work into my striking game. With him also being a wrestler I can see this fight being a stand up war.

I have heard from a bunch of people about your improved standup game and with a preview like that we can only hope, a standup war would be amazing! For the fans that may have gotten their first glimpse at your career in those two fights tell us what we can expect to see from you on the 6th live at the Borgata in New Jersey at CFFC 60.

Webb: Dominance. I have made it pretty far just being the nice guy with good technique. No more Mr. Nice guy.  I don’t just want to win, I want to dominate every second of this fight.

YES YES YES YES, what every fight fan wants to hear! Now you know I can’t go in entire interview without mentioning that you are a Renzo Gracie guy, talk to us about what exactly it means to represent that name and that brand and modern day MMA. Also are there any guys in your gym that we should keep an ion for the future?

Webb: My team means everything to me. Renzo is a warrior inside and out and it rubs off on all of us. Luckily enough I have his cousin Daniel Gracie as my head coach and he has pushed me to places I never dreamed off making it too. Sean Brady is the name you have to look out for. He is 4-0 and I believe this kid is gonna be the next star from CFFC to make it to the UFC.

NICE! Sean has a huge battle on Saturday as well and one I am personally looking forward to! Before we let you go are there any sponsors or people you would like to mention? 

Webb: Like I said before this fight is for myself, my family, and my friends. Thank you to you all for always supporting #teamwebb.

Well we wish you the best Jonavin and we will be watching Saturday!

There you have it fight fans! Make sure to either get over to The Borgata or tune in Saturday August 6th on CBS Sports Network at 7pm (tape delay 8pm I believe). It will truly be a night to remember! Make sure to get on any social media and follow Jonavin @jonavinwebb as well as us over @TheArtofMMA.

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