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10 for 10: Mike Trizano Talks About His Upcoming Fight for the Maverick MMA Lightweight Title

Welcome back fight fans to our continued #10for10 series. Today we are excited to venture to a new promotion in Maverick MMA, where they will be putting on their first big card. On that card and fighting for the 155lb strap will be our feature today. A man who goes by the name “The Lone Wolf” Mike Trizano (2-0). Mike comes to us from the great state of New Jersey and watching his highlight tape, he has the skills to be a guy in the UFC. So take a time to get over to social media and follow him @thelonewolfmma_. Now it’s time to get to know the man behind the gloves!

Hey Mike, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, take us back to the beginning… What got you into the world of MMA, what is your favorite aspect of being a pro fighter and if you weren’t a fighter what do you think you would be doing?

Trizano: My interest in fighting began when I was younger because of the movie Rocky. MMA stood out the most to me because I liked the concept of everything being incorporated together and not just standing up or being on the ground. My favorite aspect about being a professional fighter is that I keep getting closer to my goal of making it into the UFC. If I never became a fighter I always thought I would end up in the military.

That is awesome man and we are glad you choose MMA. You have one of the coolest nicknames we have seen in “The Lone Wolf”. Talk to us about how you got that and do you feel it really represents you?

Trizano: I’m The Lone Wolf not because I’m a “loner” as people would think the name stands for because I’m not alone, I have a huge support system. I am The Lone Wolf in the cage because I need to adapt to any situation at any given time. A Lone Wolf is responsible for his survival and his own success and that’s exactly what I have to do in the cage.

Wow! I was thinking it was the other way, which is a great answer I love it. I think people miss the fact that fighters have to be adjustable in the blink of an eye or it’s over. Now getting out of the cage, you are not only a fighter but a head trainer at TSMA in New Jersey. Talk to us about how it is being a head trainer and fighter and the responsibilities that come with that?

Trizano: It’s great being both an instructor and a fighter. Fighting and training every day helps me to improve myself and my own skills to be a better instructor. Being a head instructor as well comes with the responsibility of being a positive role model for my students. They look up to me and want be like me which is such a rewarding feeling. There is no better feeling then being able to teach what you love.

As a PE Teacher I know the feeling, which is great and pretty impressive that you share how you care so much about the students… well done man! Now you have a huge scrap coming up. You took a fight on short notice for the Maverick MMA 1 card on April 7, as you take on Tim Kunkle for the lightweight strap. Talk to us about how the fight came about and how camp is going?

Trizano: I was originally supposed to fight in February for Ring of Combat but fights kept getting scrapped. My coaches came across Maverick MMA and got me on the card. I couldn’t get an opponent to fight me at 145 so they offered me the title fight at 155 after Jones got taken off. I don’t consider myself in a fight camp. I train every day year round so I’m always in shape. My training has been going extremely well. I feel better than I have ever felt before.

Gotta love the grind of people not wanting to fight but call themselves a fighter, you’re you’re the opposite. Now seeing how to normally fight at 145 what are some of the obstacles before and during the fight do you feel jumping up that extra 10lbs?

Trizano: I’m a big 145lb fighter so I don’t have to cut that much weight to make 155lb and I am comfortable at both weights. There are no obstacles with the 10 pound difference for me in this fight. My cardio has been better than it’s ever been and I feel great! I’m ready to fight already!

Nice man. Now for our readers that haven’t heard of you yet, why should they take notice of you and what do you feel is one word that describes your fight style?

Trizano: People should take notice of me because I’m a well-balanced fighter. I have a strong stand up game but I am also strong on the ground. I’m always ready for wherever the fight is going to go which makes me a tough opponent for fighters who are more one-sided. My fight style can be described as technical.

After watching your two pro fights I couldn’t agree more! Now keeping with April 7th, when you look at the film on Tim, what do you see and where do you feel you hold the advantage and why?

Trizano: I see a lot of openings in his stand up and his ground game. I plan on taking advantage of them. My technique is going to be an advantage in this fight.

From all that I am seeing this should be a great scrap and even better because it’s for a title. Now being that this is the first fight for a new title in a new promotion, what does it mean to you that they choose you to step in on short notice and what would it mean to you to be the first champion?

Trizano: I’m excited and grateful that they decided to put me in for this fight. I feel honored they see championship material in me. It’s my first professional title fight of my career, and if that fight ends with me becoming the first 155lb champion for Maverick MMA that would be awesome. I’ve been working really hard for a moment like this.

That is awesome man and really cool that you have the respect for the title like that. I got a chance to see a clip of the finish from your last fight vs Raul Gonzales in June which saw you take home a 2nd round stoppage via RNC. That was your first finish as a pro, how nice was it and what sort of emotions did you go through when you sunk the choke in and knew it was over?

Trizano: Getting my first pro finish was one of the best feelings I have ever felt. All I could think about was putting everything I had into that choke because I knew there was about ten seconds left in the round. I got so pumped up with adrenaline after he tapped that I hopped up on the cage and I fell as I jumped back down.

That rules! Also when you got that finish we got to hear that impressive crowd of yours. What does your fanbase mean to you and if you could say one thing to them what would it be and why?

Trizano: My fanbase means everything to me. I have so much support from my family, friends and the entire Tiger Schulmann’s organization. We are all a team. Hearing everyone scream when I walk out gets me so amped up to fight. I would tell everyone that I appreciate all their love and support and that it motivates me to be a better fighter.

Now we know your time as short as you are in camp but before we let you go are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Trizano: I would like to give a shout out to Roscoe’s in Dunellon, NJ for keeping me on a clean diet during my training for this fight. Also to Tigear for providing me with the best gear out there.

There we have it fight fans, Mike Trizano!! Make sure to get over to Twitter and shoot him a follow and make sure to keep your eyes here and on our Twitter (@TheArtofMMA) as we will have updates on his title fight!

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