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10 for 10: CFFC Heavyweight Shawn Teed Talks About CFFC 61, a Potential Fight with Zu Anyanwu and the “Teed Lock!”

Welcome back fight fans to our #10for10 series. Today we take a look into the Heavyweight Division of the CFFC and get to introduce you to the #1 contender and undefeated (3-0) Shawn Teed (@teed). He is coming off a huge submission win at CFFC 61 with a submission he created called the “Teed Lock” over a very tough Jonathan Romero and is now eyeing a square off with the champ Zu Anyanwu. So let’s take a minute to get to know the man behind perhaps the best BJJ game for a HW not in the UFC and get over to twitter and follow this man!

Hey Shawn, thanks for taking a second to sit down with us here at ArtofMMA.com after that truly impressive with at CFFC 61. Before we get into all of that, take us back to the beginning and talk to us about what got you into the world of MMA and if you weren’t a pro fighter what do you feel you would be doing?

Teed: I was a wrestler from a young age which ultimately helped me to easily transition over to jiu jitsu. I would say starting out at Ricardo Almeida BJJ as a young teenager and being around guys like Professor Almeida, Frankie Edgar and those guys who were all still fighting at the time really motivated me to get there myself one day.

If I wasn’t an MMA fighter (and also not a 6’5 heavyweight) I would say I would still be riding motocross, but I ended up being a little taller and bigger than we thought, lol.

Lol, yeah we don’t see many guys with your build in that world of motocross but speaking of those names, you couldn’t have started at a better place! For some of our readers that may not know the name Shawn Teed just yet, talk to us about your fight style and what makes you different from any other heavy weight in the game.

Teed: Well, it’s no secret I’m a jiu jitsu guy, I’m always looking for the submission no matter what position I’m in, which I think is dangerous for anyone. I also have a lot of fun pulling off submissions that everyone thinks big guys should never get.

Yeah, I might have my hand raised there because I will be honest, I sat there watching your highlight tape and listening to Paul Felder talk about your BJJ game before 61 and then you pulled off the Teed Lock and my jaw just dropped… come on man! Big guys aren’t supposed to be doing that! In an era where it seems that every heavyweight wants to stand and bang do you feel you have an extra advantage knowing that your ground game is very strong?

Teed: I think the advantage for me is that I’m comfortable in any area of the fight whether it be on the ground or standing up. I’ve only had to use my ground game so far in my career, so I guess everyone will just have to stick around and see what my boxing is all about.

NICE!!!! And a match with Zu may just do that but we will get to that later. Lets talk about this “Teed Lock”. Many people talk about it before the fight, it has to be in the game plan for your opponent yet you still pull it off. Talk to us about it, how it started and maybe a set up for it.

Teed: I’m always trying to come up with new versions of submissions that work for me to always keep my opponents guessing. The “Teed Lock” was something that came up in practice when rolling and I just kept at it until I perfected it.

It is a sick move! Now CFFC 61 was a huge night for you. You got the win with your signature submission. Talk us through the emotions you went through winning that fight and how you did? Was it weird watching the Teed Lock and listening to Paul Felder talk about that move and how everyone should be looking out for it and then you sync it in yet again?

Teed: CFFC 61 was definitely a huge night for me. It was definitely a mix of emotions, especially being able to win by the Teed Lock again. I was super excited I was able to land it again so I could show people that I didn’t get lucky the first time. I was also exciting because everyone was saying Romero would be a tough fight for me, and winning with a quick submission in the first round shows I’m ready for the title.

I may or may not have been one of those people but man you made a believer out of me, that was insane! Now after the fight you mentioned you want to face the champ Zu Anyanwu. That is a huge fight and facing a guy that is on the UFC radar. What do you feel that fight would do for your career besides putting a strap around your waist in one of the best promotions?

Teed: I feel like a win over Zu, especially a finish, would definitely put me on the UFC’s radar, and a title defense could potentially get me the call.

Keeping with the topic of Zu, you made it pretty clear after your win that you want a shot at that title. When you look at the tape of and what he has accomplished, what do you see when you look at him on tape, especially that KO of Pinto at 61 and how do you feel you match up with him?

Teed: I think I match up well vs Zu. I don’t think he’s fought anyone like me in a long time, if ever. In terms of his fight with Pinto, I see the same Zu I’ve seen in the rest of his recent fights, and it’s nothing I can’t handle.

I think it would be a great match but really quick back to 61. So I am sitting there on Twitter during your fight and my feed BLOWS UP with your fans going crazy! Sticking with that topic of people supporting you, and blowing up Twitter after the win. Talk to us about what your fans mean to you and if you had the chance to say something to all of them what would it be and why?

Teed: My fans are awesome! Coming from a small town, I’ve known a lot of the same people for a long time. Having people I went to high school with, or that I’ve known forever come to might fights means so much to me, as well as seeing new people that I’ve met along the way so far. I would just say thank you for always supporting me even when opponents drop out last minute and all of the other crazy stuff that comes up. I wouldn’t be here without your support.

Well said and I know they appreciate that. Now you’re currently undefeated and hopefully in line for a title shot in one of the best promotions and all of MMA in the CFFC. Briefly talk to us about your experience so far in the CFFC and what do you think you need to achieve to get the call up to the UFC?

Teed: The CFFC is a great organization. I had one amateur fight with them, and have fought under them for all of my fights as a professional. Everyone from Devon to Rob to Arias (who I’m sure dreads hearing from me) to Burt have been amazing and so easy to work with. The CFFC really treats us like family. I think a title with puts me on the right track to get called up to the UFC. I just need to keep finishing people and bringing the excitement.

Couldn’t agree more! Now we know your time is short so question, we will make it the age-old Fight Club question. If you could stand across the cage from anyone no matter weight class, era or promotion who would it be and why?

Teed: This is a tough one.. I would say GSP because he has changed the way a lot of fighters train, and is a true legend of the sport. You never know what you’re going to get from GSP, and I feel like it would be a fun challenge.

Great choice! Wanna see him try to take you down lol. Ok, so before we let you go we want to say thanks again and are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Teed: I would like to thank my parents, especially my dad for always literally being in my corner. My girlfriend Kristen for always being by my side and always having my back. All of my training partners and coaches at RABJJ, NCMMA, DRBJJ, Elite Wrestling, and All Star Sports Academy. All of my fans for always supporting me, and a few of my sponsors: Advanced Neck and Back, Armbar Pro, Ed’s Tools and John & Molly’s Restaurant.

There you have it, Shawn Teed. This is a name you want to be on the lookout for. So next up will be the return of the king!! Sean Santella will be sitting down with us for a #10for10 about his upcoming return bout with Matt Lozano.

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