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10 for 10: Stephen Regman Talks from Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers to One-Foot Knockouts!

Welcome back fight fans and do we have a surprise for you today! Fresh off of his one footed right jab KO win at CFFC 63, Stephen Regman (6-3)! We have been following Stephen for a while now in the CFFC and this kid has all the tools to be very special in the world of MMA, not to mention he is a very personable guy on social media (@Stephen_Regman) so make sure to get over to Twitter and shoot him a follow. But now it’s time to enter the world of the knockout artist!

Hey Stephen, great job taking care of business on Saturday at CFFC 63. Before we get into that awesome TKO win, for our readers that don’t know your story just yet, take us back to the beginning and what got you into the world of MMA, what is your favorite part of being a pro fighter and if you weren’t a fighter, what do you think you would be doing?

Regman: Growing up in Irvington, NJ wasn’t the easiest especially with the environment of gangs, drugs, and crime; it’s much better now though! My parents wanted to keep me active. They wanted me to stay on the right track. I was always watching martial arts movies, Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. They figured martial arts was a good idea and ended up finding a great school in Watchung, NJ where it all started. After about a year, I started walking around more confident, disciplined, was receiving A’s and B’s in school and fell in love with the sport. I had friends and instructors who were both kickboxers and MMA fighters and I knew that I wanted to at least try it someday. Fifteen years later, I now have seven championships titles and a great professional MMA career. Even while fighting now, I still have another job fixing water pumps, motors, cooling towers and am in the process of becoming a NYC firefighter.

The grind never ends but after CFFC 63 with Dana White in attendance, maybe you get a call that changes the game for you. You now reside in the greatest city on Earth, NYC and more specifically Brooklyn. Do you feel that environment growing up has molded you to be the fighter you are today and more specifically what traits do you feel have helped you in the cage?

Regman: Even though I live in Brooklyn now, growing up in Irvington definitely has molded me into the man and fighter I am today. I played pickup basketball and football games with individuals in my neighborhood and they hated losing. I learned very quickly not to take crap, have a tough skin and find a way to win especially by exploiting my opponent’s weakness. In regards to fighting, I have been on the losing side of a fight a couple times and still found a way to stay relaxed, think and comeback to win.

Nice man! Ok, let’s get to it. We saw you rebound from back to back CFFC losses on Saturday as you got the impressive TKO win at CFFC 63 versus a very tough Dave Marfone. Talk to us about that fight, did he do anything in the cage that wasn’t on your game plan or did it go according to the plan you and your team set?

Regman: I’ve seen Dave fight a couple of times and expected him to stand, bang and put on a show for the crowd, especially since Dana White and his crew were in attendance. For that reason, I was very excited for this fight; he did the very opposite. He stayed far away from me and when I stepped in to punch he jumped back. My team and I readjusted and found a way to get the opening we needed to end the fight.

Ahh… that makes sense. In the 3rd we saw you really turn it up a notch getting that knockout. And what a KO, it was as if you were on one foot (he caught a kick) and the two straight rights landed on the button! Talk to us about getting that KO and how when you look back at the tape were you impressed by it?

Regman: I do stuff like punching on one foot in training all the time and my coaches and training partners joke about it. Earlier in the fight, Dave caught my foot and I thought about just punching, second guessed myself and figured it probably would not work. In the third round when he caught my foot again, I thought just do it and it worked! When I looked at the replay of the KO, all I kept thinking was “I think I’m the first to KO someone while standing on one leg the way I did.”

AHAHA… bet your teammates didn’t joke that night and you very well might be the first. Now this is a rebound back in to the winning column for you as you were coming off 2 losses. Did you do anything new in training with that great team you have over there at Pellegrino MMA? How nice was it to get back to form because we are used to seeing you get your hand raised?

Regman: Shortly before my camp started, I was helping two UFC fighters train for the upcoming fights, which both of them won by finishing their opponents. Both were different fighters and gave me two different styles to get used to. Training with them allowed me to boost my confidence, learn more about how to adjust to different styles and helped me realize that I belong in the UFC with them. My coach Kurt also has been working with me on the ground. We have focused on not taking too much damage and getting back to my feet, which helped in my fight. Kurt has also helped me realize my potential as a fighter. Getting my hand raised again felt amazing!

Yeah, it seemed like the natural place for you with getting your hand raised. Now we know UFC President Dana White was in the house. Did you feel any added pressure to put on a show in front of him or was it just another night at the office for you? Did you get to meet him after the fight?

Regman: Regardless of Dana being in the house, this fight was actually the most relaxed I’ve ever been in a fight. I’ve been competing all my life. I’ve been in high pressured situations throughout my life, so this really wasn’t anything new. It was cool fighting in front of and meeting Dana White, but honestly it was another day in the office. I did meet him after the fight and he wanted to know what took me so long to do what I could’ve done in the first round. I simply replied, “I wanted to make it like the Superbowl when the Patriots waited to come back and win.”

Wow! Just throwing the Pats comment out there for him, well done! Now we touched upon your team over at Pellegrino MMA. We have seen some great fighters like Jeff Lentz and George Sullivan come out of there. Talk to us about what they mean to you, why you choose them and are there any people we should keep an eye out for?

Regman: I chose Pellegrino MMA because of the coach, Kurt Pellegrino. First off, he was an exciting fighter, fought some of the best in the world and fought whomever, whether he was an underdog or favored to win. Kurt’s knowledge and experience has helped strengthen my fight game and helped increase my confidence. Kurt has taught me that if I’m an underdog, to go out there and ruin my opponent’s night. If I’m favored to win, then that is even more of a reason for me to destroy my opponent for signing the contract and having the guts to step into the cage with me. I travel about an hour and a half each way to get to training and I do it with a smile because I know when I get to the gym, Kurt will be ready to roll with me and work on our game plan. Fighters change camps all the time and not everyone may be happy with that decision, but that is why I chose to make a move!

I couldn’t agree more. I had the chance to meet him via George Sullivan and he is an amazing guy! Now that fight marked your 7th with the CFFC as you have been around them since 2014. What sort of changes have you seen with the partnering with Alliance MMA, what keeps you with that storied organization and what is your favorite part of being a part of the CFFC?

Regman: When I first fought with CFFC back in 2014, I was in awe at how well put together the production and atmosphere was. Everything ran so smoothly and Devon, Arias, Burt and the rest of the team immediately answered any questions I had. My favorite part of being with CFFC is the group of people running the show, both on the floor and behind the scenes. Everyone is friendly, understanding, and willing to help the fighters in any way they can. Since then, they have continued to out do themselves, especially with the partnering of Alliance MMA. Robert Haydak is a very intelligent man and I feel that with this partnership, the transition for fighters to the UFC, Bellator, etc. will be much easier. CFFC is an amazing promotion and I am so grateful to be able to fight on their cards!

Couldn’t agree more, one of the if not the best MMA promotion on the east coast! We know you are fresh off that win but what’s next? Anyone you would like to see in the cage?

Regman: Right now, I’m back at work and waiting to hear about who and what is next for me. I’d like to fight someone who wants to throw down and put on a show for the crowd. I will continue training so I am ready for whatever is next.

Love it man! Ok, we know your time is short so we will end on a double question, instead of starting with one like we did on that other site in our past interview haha. We saw your fans go nuts at 63 and that win, what do they mean to you and if you could say one thing to them what would it be and why?

Regman: Hearing fans cheer for you and go nuts after a finish is always a great feeling! It means a lot after fights when people I don’t know ask me for a picture, autograph and compliment me on a good fight. To my family, friends and fans that come out to watch my fights or watch my fights online, thank you so much! Your continued support is greatly appreciated and means a lot to me!

Ok man, we want to thank you for sitting down with us. Before we let you go are there any people of sponsors you would like to mention?

Regman: I would like to thank the guys over at Meal Plans to Go for providing me with tasty and healthy meals year round. My weight cuts have never been so easy! Big thank you to Ninjace for designing my new fight shirts and shorts and making sure they were ready to go for fight night! Shirts are still available; so if you are interested let me know! Also, thank you to BrightView Homes and DMG Music Group for supporting me during this fight camp! Thank you to my coach Kurt for all the work he has put into me and for always being there, as well as James Meals for welcoming me into his gym and my teammates for pushing me and helping me prepare for this fight! Last but not least, when I step into the cage, I am also fighting in support of kidney disease for Love and Life for Logan!

Follow me on IG: predatormma, Twitter: @Stephen_Regman, Snapchat: s.reggs and Facebook: Stephen Regman and Stephen Regman MMA. Thank you Erik for this interview!

There you have it fight fans, the KO artist by night and public works specialist by day, Stephen Regman. Make sure to get over to social media and follow him as he is a great guy. Also keep it tuned right here as we got the #10for10 series flying with upcoming chats with UFC guys!

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