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2014-2015 Washington Redskins Official Predictions

The last 2 years for the Redskins have been a tale of white and black to say the very least. The most loyal and optimistic fan couldn’t have predicted the success the Redskins had in 2012 to win 7 straight games and take the division. At the same time, I don’t think the most jaded and skeptical Redskin…. observer…. could have seeing them rebound from that year and go 3-13. A lot has changed in the offseason, Mike and Kyle Shanahan are out, Desean Jackson, Jason Hatcher, and Jay Gruden are in. Robert Griffin also appears to be 100% healthy for the first time since late 2012. Jay Gruden has come in, got new weapons, tweaked the offense to favor Robert Griffin, but the Redskins offense looks far from ready to return to that 2012 status. I think they will, but not fast enough.

@Houston: I have the Redskins Relying on the one thing that has been a constant in the last 3 years, the running game.
Redskins Win 17 to 13

vs Jacksonville: New Quarterback, new running back, serious defense. This will be an UGLY game
Redskins Win : 13 to 10

@Philadelphia: After a 2-0 start, I can see the Redskins being knocked back to reality….. hard. Desean homecoming or not.
Eagles win: 28 to 14

vs New York: Only one team has an offense that looks almost as bad as the Redskins, that’s the Giants. I think Eli is still hurting and we all know the Giants are notoriously slow starters.
Redskins Win: 20 to 14

vs Seattle: The Seahawks and the Redskins have prior…. issues. I want to pick this as my upset pick of the season. But… I’m being realistic here. Redskins lose a surprisingly close game.
Seattle wins: 17 to 14

@ Arizona: I think Arizona will get their QB issues together before the Redskins do.
Arizona Wins:

vs Tennessee: I think Bishop Sankey will be a gem in the NFL this year, and in fantasy football.
Redskins Win: 24 to 17

@Dallas: Dallas looks terrible. Terrible on offense, terrible on defense, terrible O line. But somehow, they ALWAYS get up for the Redskins. Too little, too late this year.
Redskins Win: 33 t0 14

@Minnesota: Once again, after flying high, I see the Redskins being knocked back down to reality from another surprisingly good team.
Vikings Win 24 to 14

BYE WEEK: I think the Redskins will be lucky to make it to the Bye Week with this record. If Robert has learned to protect himself by now, I think they will be a great offensive team. If Meriwether will just go low, I think they can be a great defense too.

vs Tampa Bay: Tampa is building for the future, the future is NOT now.
Redskins win 16 to 10

@ San Francisco: Though I think Kapernick is slightly overrated, he knows how to run his offense. He doesn’t have the weapons but he has enough to get the job done.
49er’s Win 24 to 13

@ Indianapolis: I always thought Luck was overrated. He’s an interception machine, and I think people belittle the weapons around him. But I think the addition on Nicks makes this one of the most dangerous teams in football. Look for the 2 QB’s who’s career will always be joined at the hip to put on a show showing they both deserve their spots.
Colts Win: 34 to 31

vs. St. Louis: Losing Bradford was a huge deal. Hopefully this game will be played against Kurt Cousins and not by him.
Redskins Win: 27 to 16

@ New York: The Giant’s are notorious slow starters….. and strong finishers. I have the Redskins losing control of their own destiny in this game.
Giants Win: 24 to 14

vs Philadelphia: I see this as the mega matchup of the year for the Redskins. This is going to be do or die for them, and I think it will mean a lot less for Philly. I’m going to go against my instinct and say the Redskins find a way to win.
Redskins win: 24 to 21

vs Dallas: I think Romo is down for the season by now and Dallas may be looking at a number 3 or 4 draft pick.
Redskins win the last game of the Romo regime.
Redskins win: 34 to 13

I think after this game, the Redskins will be looking at monitors to see if they have enough help to get into the playoffs. But they will fall short. With 2 teams going from the NFC West and South. The Redskins will just have to continue to build. The pieces are there for them to be an offensive powerhouse, but the O Line and Robert both have a LOT to prove this year.

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