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The Certified Podcast: Daniela Reina

Welcome back to episode #9 of The Certified Podcast featuring an awesome guest. We are talking to 24 year old up and coming actress Daniela Reina! Daniela is not only one of the very few actors to appear in both the DC Comics and Marvel universes in both television and film, but she is also a multi-talented stage actress and model. We have the opportunity to talk with Daniela about some of the appearances she has made such as Jessica Jones, Gotham and even a small role in the Marvel Avenger’s Infinity War movie but also some up-coming roles on Orange is the New Black and the musical theater show she just finished up.

Daniela was awesome, she dropped knowledge bombs on the history of method acting and how it all began as well as the many ways actors use it today. We could have done a whole hour on just that!

We also have some big news to share for the future of The Certified Podcast and! Hint… is coming back!!! The relaunched website will be coming soon (possibly as soon as this episode) and will be bringing in all of our brands into one home. The Certified Podcast and Magazine will not be going anywhere! They will just be added to a much larger universe that should be really cool for readers and listeners to enjoy. Making it easier to find what you want and even possibly stumble onto some great content you didn’t even know we had! You can hear the full details on the podcast!

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The Certified Podcast is all about talking to extraordinary people. Whether it be from the world of entertainment, sports, tech or business. It’s all about the conversation, not just an interview.

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