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Evolution of DCXIV

The evolution of the world has changed things… It’s changed me. The lessons, the trials and tribulations, all the failures have made this company stronger. And now, in the wake of the world shutting down and the current situation we are all going through, it is time. Time for the return, at the same time the beginning.

Over the years (from 2007 until today), there has many a type of evolution for what was once, the online men’s style magazine that changed the game. The amazing interviews we have done with music artists, athletes and personalities from entertainment and business. There was the insanely dope mixtape we did with Ambition Lifestyle and the best MMA website on the planet in Art of MMA. There have been moderate failures and some sites that never got going at all. In 2018, we even launched our first podcast with The Certified Podcast. That ran 9 episodes and is still available on YouTube.

However, over the last 13 years nothing has had the dare to be great situation I’ve been looking for. The thing that drives my passion the way the original launch of did back in 2014. That passion project that I put my soul into. It’s that passion that drives my ambition and that I could never walk away from.

So here in 2020, DCXIV will return. Along with some major changes in my personal life, what better time to light a fire in my business and use those many lessons learned to achieve the goals we set forth from the very beginning.

Thank you for riding on this journey with me. DCXIV aka Six Fourteen is back and that is thanks to the many who have supported not only my business but myself over the years.

Mike Ginn
Founder x Executive Director | DCXIV