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How To: Be a Social Media Success

If you are reading this article expecting an easy one step solution on how to have a few thousand followers on Twitter or get on regular rotation of the suggested pages on Facebook and get a lot of fans, then I will apologize now.

While it is easy to accomplish in theory, it does take some legitimate effort on the person trying to accomplish the task’s part. And that success is depending on your desire and effort to achieve that level of attention.

Quiz… What do Ashton Kutcher and Leo Laporte have in common? Good looks? Sorry Leo, but no. Lots of money? No. Lots and lots of followers on Twitter? Yes.

Why is that important? Because of something called dedicated social advertising. I feel in order to allow you to understand how to achieve “Social Media Success,” that you have to first understand the importance and reasons why you want to achieve that.

Different businesses spend various amounts of money each year, based on budgets, on advertising on the internet as well as various other formats. Spending upwards of 30-40% on just paid advertising. But what are their returns? On average, the click through rate on an online ad is 1-2%. So you are a company looking for more return on your investment in the advertisements you paid for, maybe as high as 10-20%? Well I present to you social media.

Companies are flocking to services such as Facebook and Twitter. But are they doing it right? Are they being successful?

What if I could tell you that I could take your advertising budget down to 5% and increase your returns to 10-20%? Would you be interested? Part of being a successful Social Media Consultant is doing just that. But I’m going to give you a brief look into how to do that all on your own.

But why am I giving away this information for free? Because I believe I can honestly make you achieve even greater heights with me holding your hand, and leading you into the light. I can give you the start, but give you the entire experience first hand much better.

How to get a lot of followers on Twitter?

Want them overnight? Forget it. The magical secret to getting a lot of followers is to actually deliver a quality product. Write quality posts, not just about yourself and what you had for lunch. Want lots of followers? People that genuinely care about your product? More importantly want to buy your product or click on your links or even spread the word about your existence for you and make your work that much easier?

It takes effort, but effort that was is well worth it. Effort that results in a free advertising method that only takes effort, not a penny out pocket. A click through rate of up to 20% in most cases. Post a link, and an average of 20% of your list will click that link. How is that for returns? See, people that follow you on twitter are usually genuinely interested in what you have to offer. When you post a link on a web page or place an ad, its never guaranteed that it will reach it’s target audience. And then you only get about a 2% return. Meaning 2% of the per 1000 cpm is clicking on your ad. Only 2%.

Its simply, people that follow you on Twitter are following you because they are interested in you or your company. And then in return care about your content.

But here is the effort part… How do you get people to care? Once again simple, but very effort oriented.

Theory: People only care about you when they feel you genuinely care about them first.

If you take an interest in them, follow them, post comments and @ replies to their posts. Go on their blogs or web sites and post comments that show you not only read what they write, but that you care about it. Truly care. In turn they will become your most loyal followers. Because they know you are one of theirs. Thus they will spread your word for you. And click on your links, comment on your posts.

Effort that means, you don’t just click and make an effort on just one person, you must do it for as many as you want to follow yourself.

If you want 100k following you, and you aren’t Ashton Kutcher or CNN and people don’t already know about you or your existence. It is the most full proof method to make you and your brand a well known commodity. Its not easy, but definitely well worth the effort.

How do I get a lot of fans on my Facebook Page?

This one is a little trickier. Because it can be achieved easily if you invest yourself through the Facebook network as well as promote it properly on your web site and twitter pages. But can also rot away with 100 fans and no interest just as easily. See with Twitter, you can have people accidentally follow you and become intrigued. But Facebook, people have to know its there. They have to care. And once again, requires you to make an effort to reach them, care about them and show them that they are important to you and not just a mark for your company and product.

It requires you to go on other fan pages and post. Spread your self around as vastly as possible. Take time and make it worth their wild to show some love on yours. It really comes down to a basic human principle, care about others and they will care about you.

But is it worth it? One word. YES!

Gone are the days of the multi-million dollar advertising budgets. Why pay for an ad that gets a 2% click through? Make an effort, or employ someone to do it for you. Either way get it done. And in return you receive free advertising and a click through rate that is unheard of, costing zero.

Want to improve the rate? The amount of followers or fans for your page? Take that 30-40% and cut it to 5% and spend that, not on your product, web site or company… but on advertising your social sites. Shortening the time to get up the followers and fans. Still pulling in a massive return rate, one that is not available in old media.

That is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to unlocking the potential of advertising on social media and taking your company from a barely marginal profit to a gross income profit that increases your balance of your budget the 30% you would have spent on advertising, now goes in your pocket.

Mike Ginn
Written By

Husband, father, craft bartender, writer and content creator.

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