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The Interview: Bradley “FeatherStone” Desir

Fight Master contestant Chris Lozano talked last episode about the life and emotions of MMA fighters and when they win they feel the highest of the high and when they don’t they can feel at the lowest of the low. Anyone who competes in anything can relate to that (maybe not to his extent) and our featured fighter this week is no exception. He is much more than a fighter as he served our country as a Marine and he is really an outstanding person when you get to sit down with him. He is none other than CFFC fighter Bradley Desir (2-2). Bradley hails from NYC was an exceptional amateur MMA fighter compiling a record of 5-2 and holding the CISCF Middleweight title. He exploded on the pro scene going 2-0 right away with a submission and TKO win. Since then he has come up on the wrong end of two decisions but make no mistake he doesn’t take losing lightly, nor do his fans so watch out! Make sure to take a minute to follow him on Twitter @bdesirMMA.

Hey Bradley hope things are going well. Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. Can you take a minute and talk to us about what got you into the sport and what drives you.

Desir: Thanks a lot for having me. Man I kinda stumbled into the sport. I served as a Marine and wasn’t really doing anything so I decided to take some classes and kept going and here I am haha. Interesting story, I served in the same unit at Brian Stann before his UFC days and he saw me training and suggested I really get into it. He told me to keep calling some promoters and companies to get fights and that’s where it all started I guess.

As for what drives me man right now I don’t really know anymore. I caught unfair fine from the commission in this past fight because I missed weight (2lbs over) and to be honest I barely enough in the fight to even pay for my trip to Atlantic City and coaches and that is a problem. It’s tough to stay motivated when you are losing money like that. I think it cost me the fight because I kept trying to go for the finish thinking I was losing when I had him on ground. I was really aggressive trying to get a bonus when I could have just controlled the fight but I wanted to make some money. I almost backed out of the fight but I made a commitment to my family, friends and fans who bought tickets and hotel rooms that I would put on a show and I don’t break my commitments.

That makes sense and is a solid trait to have. I know sitting next to your fans that they appreciated that you kept that promise. Now you are from NYC and being from there you get a stereotype of being loud, brash and aggressive. Do you feel that is fair and how do you overcome it in a sport that can be all about perception?

Desir: Man I don’t get that. Assholes are from everywhere not just NYC. Yeah I can be brash and talk shit but only alpha dogs fight and I am in a sport surrounded by guys like that. If people take the time to get to know me they would know I am a pretty nice guy but if you judge me on one thing there is nothing I can do about that.

Yeah I hear ya there. Now speaking about brash and loud I got the chance to sit next to your fans at your last CFFC fight and I felt right at home. They really let themselves be known and seem to support you at all times in and out of the ring. What do those fans mean to you?

Desir: Man they mean the world. A lot of them are my family and friends and it really means a lot when they make a trip like this past one to see me fight hours away. They spend their hard earned money to drive to Atlantic City, get a hotel room and a ticket it’s amazing. I call them Desir Nation and they are always behind me, all they ask is I give 100% and I don’t know how to give less that that.

That’s awesome and they really are some great people! So what are your goals in the world of MMA?

Desir: Man it’s funny you ask that because I could read them all off to you right now because they are written on my wall I am looking at. I write them down on January 1st each year and they are things like go 3-0 as a pro, pay off my credit cards and stuff like that, hell I even got written to compete in so Gi BJJ hahah. But I need to redo them because I am in a different place mentally then I was then. I am actually thinking of taking a step back from MMA so I can get financially stable and get everything in my life back to normal. I am not saying I am retiring but may need to take some time away from fighting, I would still be in the gym each day but not taking a fight for a while if you know what I am saying. I also need to get healthy I have been fighting on a torn labrum for a while now and don’t take that as I am making excuses for losing the Leonard kid was good and he won but I should have won that fight for real.

Wow! I hope it doesn’t come to that because you are someone who is really good for the sport but yeah those are some things that need to get done to get your mind right. Now if you did step away what would you do?

Desir: Well I have that great training I received in the Marines and I have a degree in marketings so I have options, maybe open a gym or start coaching. Whatever I choose I would attack head on like I do everything. Like I said I would continue to train each day and whatever I choose would have to be flexible to that schedule so who knows.

Well atleast you have a skill set to fall back on and being a Marine (thank you for your service, Sempre Fi) always helps. And speaking of being a Marine do you feel the skill set and training your received helps you in the world of MMA?

Desir: Mentally, yes. It taught me not to complain, ignore BS and how to commit to something. If there was one thing it taught me it really was commitment and that is big in the world of MMA.

Very nice. Now looking at your career you had a great amateur career, what do you think the main difference between that level and being a pro is? Also if you could change one thing in your career what would it be?

Desir: I have learned to be honest with myself. For example I thought I had a sick arm bar as an ammy but it turns out the guys I was fighting just couldn’t defend it. I was beating guys quickly because I was a better athlete than those guys now at this level they are at the same level or higher. The skill sets are better up here as well. It really has forced me to get better and that goes into your second question.

If I could change one thing I would have started at a different school or academy. I went to an MMA school and there I had wrestlers teaching me boxing and boxers teaching me about double leg takedowns, it was a mix and match and I learned a ton of bad habits. My coaches now are working on fixing all of my technique. I have great coaches like Dan Covel (BJJ), Tyga Maclin (wrestling), Carlos Brookes (striking) and Coach Lyman for MMA and putting it all together.  So it is like taking ten steps back to take one forward and it can get frustrating but I have amazing coaches and we are getting there.

Awesome man! I have a feeling you are not the only one having to redo skills as new MMA “gyms” are popping up everywhere. Now I have to asking being a fellow New Yorker and how we are supposed to be boxing fanatics, why MMA and not boxing?

Desir: Hahaha my sister would say my ADD and MMA lets me doing so many different things. But my mother said no boxing when I was a kid. I was exposed to MMA in the Marines and it’s ironic because I think my sister was on to something because I really do like the options that are open in MMA. So many different styles and ways to fight.

I can relate on that 100% my friend. Now back to MMA who are some of the guys you like to watch and can you give us some guys you know of from your scene that maybe we should keep an eye out of?

Desir: Guys I am a fan of and would take a picture with or ask for an autograph would be a guy like BJ Penn. I am also a fan of Joe Lauzon and Melvin Guillard who always put on a show. As for guys to look out for man I could go on for days. Guys like Jimmie Rivera (@jimmierivera135) and Julio Arce (@jArceTSMMA) are gonna be huge names soon, like world champion huge just watch.

Well I guess I know who we will be talking to for interviews very shortly. Now it’s time for the age old Fight Club Question, if you could stand across the cage from anyone who would it be and why?

Desir: To be honest right now I don’t know. If I had to pick I would say Christian Leonard or Emmanuel Walo (last two losses), I wish them all the best and hope they get a ton of wins in their careers because I don’t want to lose to a bum but yeah I guess them if I had to pick.

Interested yet very honest choices. Now last question, if someone came to you thinking about getting into the world of MMA what type of advice would you give them?

Desir: To be honest if they are asking me before they start I feel they are in it for the wrong reason. I got into the sport by chance. If you love the sport and love competition and training then cool but if your just looking for a fight or saw it on TV and thought it was cool you aren’t doing it for the right reasons. It hit me the other night in AC, one of the guys in my corner who has been with me since high school said “man remember when you were fighting in empty ice rinks and now we in the nicest casino in Atlantic City” it hit me damn this has been a long journey to get here and I am not near the top. It is a long long journey with a lot of sacrifice, need to be in it for the right reasons.

That is real talk there man but hey you made it a lot further than a lot of people so keep going man! So before we let you go are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Desir: I would like to thank my family, friends and coaches along with my sponsor Crowwnd. I would also like to thank Sambo Steve and the rest of Total Victory Management, Ray Padilla and Evolution Performance System, Alicia Brazenell with Unleashed Body Systems and to anyone I forgot I am sorry.  Thanks for having me guys!

There you have it fight fans, CFFC’s Bradley Desir and that was about as real as it gets! Make sure to go follow him on Twitter and check out his badass highlight reels on Youtube!

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