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The Interview: Brea Grant

Brea Grant, the star of the up-coming movie Halloween II and the hit TV series Heroes took time to answer some of our intense and torturing questions… Did she make it out alive? Read for yourself!

Obviously everyone knows you from one thing… Your starring, yet uncredited role in Max Payne as the Junkie Girl! Ok maybe not, how did a smart girl who has a Master’s degree from the University of Texas go from that to a starring role on a hit TV series like Heroes?

Brea Grant: Yeah – it was sort of a major life change. I liked grad school but never felt like it was a good fit. I started doing that quarter-life crisis thing asking, “What am I doing with my stupid life?!” which led me to thinking of things I used to want to do before I wanted to be a professor. I acted as a kid in local theater so I thought I’d try to go back to that. It worked out pretty well I guess.

What was the experience like working on a TV series like Heroes? And since the show is not your “normal” show, being that you have now died twice, any chance we see Daphne pop up and run circles around everyone yet one more time?

Brea Grant: Heroes was amazing. I was probably more scared to be on that show than of doing anything else in my life but because everyone was so cool, it felt easy after the initial heart attack of actually showing up. I worked mostly with Masi Oka and Greg Grunberg and there couldn’t be two nicer guys to get paired up with.

Yeah – I have made a habit of dying on that show, but no, as far as I know, Daphne is gone for good.

You have done several movies, but you have your biggest one yet coming out August 28th, Halloween II. How excited are you for this movie to come out and what is the number one reason we should rush to see this movie besides that the super hot Brea Grant that is in it?

Brea Grant: I’m really excited! It’s my first big movie that will be in actual theaters and people can actually see. The number one reason to see it? (Aside from the fact that I’m in it?) It’ll be super scary and Rob Zombie is one of the most innovative directors around right now. (From a grad school prospective, he’s the guy we’ll be studying in 50 years.)

What was it like being part of a historic movie series like Halloween? It seems that Rob Zombie has done a great job of bringing the series back to life for a whole new generation of fans. Did you watch the older Halloween movies and how does the new versions compare?

Brea Grant: Yeah! I’m a horror fan and the Halloween movies were a part of my childhood. It was an honor (I’m totally serious using that word) to be a part of the Halloween legacy. I want children to think of me when they can’t sleep at night. And blame me. And check under their beds thinking of me….or something along those lines.

Two years ago you were doing “You’re So Dead” and “Friday Night Lights”, now you’ve done so much more. What’s next? Any future acting projects that you can give us the scoop on? What’s next for Brea Grant after Halloween II?

Brea Grant: Right now, I’ve been sort of on a hiatus – things have been happening so fast for me in the past year or so that I felt like it’d be good to step back and take it all in. I’m a workaholic so I think it’s been good for me to have to slow down for a second. Although, I have a few small things I’ve been working on that you can see pretty soon (like a web series with Funnyordie.com).

I’ve read on Twitter and your blog about your project with your brother Zane. And recently you attended to comic-con to do a poster signing for the comic book. What was comic-con like and what can you tell us about your comic book coming out?

Brea Grant: The comic is called We Will Bury You and it’ll be out next year on IDW. Comic Con was a blast. It’s like the epicenter of geekdom. I met so many people I respect in the comic world and made new friends. It honestly felt like camp because I was running around with people I hardly knew but now feel like I’ve gotten kind of close to.

You’ve been one of the celebrities that have embraced social media, whether it’s thru your web site BreaGrant.com or your Twitter page @BreaGrant… You seem to be very personable and connect with your fans. How does social media benefit you and do you feel it’s important to helping your fan base grow more and more? And how many random marriage proposals do you get per day on Twitter?

Brea Grant: There are less random marriage proposals and more creepy “You’re hot” from strangers. I love social because it has provided a way for me to connect with my fans. It’s hard when you’re an actor and you jump from project to project, but social media has kept me in touch with the people who support me. I love the fans and there really is something amazing about being able to talk to them whenever I want.

Speaking of guys, what does a lucky guy have to do to get your attention? And is there a lucky guy out there or does the world still have a shot? …and I’m taking notes!

Brea Grant: The best way to get my attention is to make me laugh. I could never date anyone without a sense of humor. I like guys who don’t take themselves too seriously, but also aren’t scared to be straightforward with me. I’m a straightforward kind of girl so I need a guy who is too. I’m starting a no-more-games campaign today! And no – no specific guys in my life right now. I’m not really sure if I have time for one.

You’ve done a few horror films, when you go to a horror movie in the theater or sit on the couch in front of the tv with a guy, are you the clingy, dig your nails in their arm girl or do you usually have to protect them?

Brea Grant: Unfortunately, I usually protect them, but I think I need a change.

So when you aren’t being the fastest woman in the world and running around on screen and off, what does Brea like to do to just chill and have a good time? And does being out in LA change you or are you always that Texas girl at heart?

Brea Grant: I read a lot – comics and a lot of non-fiction books – and spend time with my friends and dog. I love just sitting around and watching television with my friends. And cooking! I’m a great cook and am working on my baking skills. Attempting to be domestic is one of my new favorite hobbies.

Yeah – I have Texas flowing through my veins. I’ll never quite fit in out in Los Angeles.

Thanks Brea, and be sure to check out Halloween II in theaters August 28th!

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