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The Interview: Brian Defiant

First, thanks for doing this interview… Being from Virginia, which isn’t really known for its hip-hop scene… Let me ask you how you feel about hip-hop and what does that term mean to you?

Brian Defiant: Thanks for having me first and foremost. To me Hip Hop is what I want you to do when you hear my music. I don’t just want your head bobbing. I want your feet tapping, your fingers snapping, and as much of a stretch as it is….. your “hips hopping”. As corny as it sounds, I was always brought up to believe that Hip Hip was Rap that made you dance.

Hip Hop in Virginia means that much more to me, because there’s less to dance about here. There is a lot less resources, musically, than there is in , say a New York, or Atlanta, even Philadelphia. Less outlets to showcase your talent, less of a chance to get on the radio. So if you can , or are still willing, to produce that Hop as I call it, it’s that much more special.

How long have you been doing this? What makes you want this? What pushes you to succeed?

Brian Defiant: My cousins and I cut a tape called Shades of Red in 1993. We were a group called Unlawful. It was truly truly garbage. But in May of 1993 we met Naughty By Nature in Buffalo New York. We were at a church conference and they were on tour with H-Town and J-T Money.

My cousin broke out his wack ass little pre written freestyle and I followed suit. I’ll never forget Vinnie saying “Do that every day”. So I make it a point to write one line, every day. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. That’s what pushes me.

What as an up and coming rapper, separates you from the pack? Why should I give your music a chance?

Brian Defiant: What separates me from the pack is I am my own “artist”. I don’t classify myself as just a “rapper”. I truly believe I am a Hip Hop visionary. I told everyone early what the Rap game was turning into when White Tees dropped. Then Laffy Taffe.

Not to single those songs out, because I have nothing but respect for ANY artist who gets to where I’m trying to be, but the game has been going downhill for a few years now. Nothings original.

I think you should give my music a chance, because it’s where the game is going, not where it’s been.

What projects do you have in the works? Anything you want to take the chance and promote? Something people should know about?

Brian Defiant: B-Team Mix-tape Vol III. The Last Mix-tape is in the final stages. Looks like Memorial day on that. B-Team Black Tees should be May 1st Exclusively at Capital Grind in Landmark Mall. Or though my site

www.myspace.com/bteament. I got one other “thing” going on that I don’t wanna jinx.

What is more important? The music or the money?

Brian Defiant: Music… hands down. At some point you need to learn how to make money off of your music, but it can’t be the sole reason. I’ll always respect the broke cat with a nice craft, over the rich cat with the wack tracks. Unfortunately A&Rs and most program directors feel different.

What is the most memorable experience you have during your time rhyming?

Brian Defiant: May 18th 2000 9:45 pm. DJ Flexx played one of my songs on WPGC Homejams. I’ll never forget how vindicated I felt, or how wack the song was. Maybe about 6 months later he played a Track called MY CITY that was by our group Tha Nsidaz. A much better song that should have been a hit in this area.

Being East Coast… Do you think that affects your type of flow? Or do you think you have developed your own unique style?

Brian Defiant: I feel like right now, this second I have the most unaffected flow ever. I don’t listen to the radio. I never, never watch videos. I only hear other peoples music in the club, in movies, or on TV. (SNL Jimmy Kimmel) I never want anyone to say…..”You got that from DJ Whats-his-face.” Even if I rhyme over someone else’s beat, I try deliberately try not to hear the original until after I spit my version.

I get slack all the time from my peoples like “Son….how can you not like that…” whatever the fad is at the time. Usually I respond with “You won’t even like that song in 6 months.”

What does DC, the metro area, MD, VA, what does this area mean to you? Are you proud of where you come from or would you rather be somewhere else?

Brian Defiant: I got VA tattooed on my left arm. The DMV means a lot to me. Like I said before, with the lack of resources here, to blow up from here, means you have truly done something special.

What were your influences in the music game coming up?

Brian Defiant: Chubb Rock, Biggie of course. The Lox, Dr. Dre Jay-Z (but not Reasonable Doubt). Public Enemy

On a side note who I didn’t like: I was never sold on Nas…..until his last Album, I was the only one not bumpin Wu-Tang and I never got caught up in Why I should like or not like an Album…..Lots of puppets….er…people I knew didn’t like Wu Tangs album but didn’t want to be the only one without it.

I’m bringing this one back, been a minute… but who is your celebrity crush and why? Never know might be an avid reader..

Brian Defiant: Christy Hemme ….I got a thing for redheads.

Christy Hemme? Really? Nah, she’ll never read this site… haha or does she? Thanks Brian!

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