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The Interview: DJ Bro-Rabb

DJ Bro-Rabb is a DJ based out of NC, and no doubt one of the hottest… If you have partied in the Raleigh/Durham hip-hop scene, you have probably been privy to a Bro-Rabb party! Enjoy the interview…

What got you into being a DJ?

DJ Bro-Rabb: I think me becoming a dj was destined to be..My parents had a ton of records around the house.We always rushed to the record store every Saturday to buy the latest records..I first saw djing around 1983.I saw this dude mix the words to JUST BE GOOD TO ME by THE SOS BAND with the beat to GAMES PEOPLE PLAY by SWEET G..Its been on ever since!!!!!!

What is your opinion on the state of hip-hop? Do you feel it’s dying or thriving?

DJ Bro-Rabb: Well,we all know hip hop goes thru it’s different stages.Right now the south got it on lock.its the south’s time.I feel the original attidude and the feeling hip hip had at one time is gone.nowadays,everybody wants to sound the EXACT same!!!!..back in the day,everybody was fighting to be different.U had more the a variety of different styles of rap music to choose to listen too back in the day.There’s no balance in the music anymore.There are some joints i do like right now,but some of it i can really do without!!!!!

Being a DJ in the south, do you think that the south gets misrepresented by being labeled mostly crunk music?

DJ Bro-Rabb: I dont really the south get misrepresented,but there more here then just the crunk records.Like i said earlier ,the crunk joints got it locked right now.

You DJ for a radio station in Durham, what made you go from club DJ to radio DJ and how do you find time to balance them both?

DJ Bro-Rabb: I havent been on the air in over a year.I had a show with my crew THE BUTTA TEAM ON WNCU 90.7FM called STRAIGHT FROM THE CRATE..We had the longest running hip hop in the history of the raleigh/durham market.We ran form 1995 to 2006.Plus i had another hip op show on WXDU 88.7DM called THE GUTTA SEASON MIXSHOW.I used to do the radio show during the day than do the clubs at night..I like radio,but i love rockin the clubs.I love being in front of people..Thats the s**t.

What other interests do you have outside of music?

DJ Bro-Rabb: I dont really have any other interest other than music.I like to read books on music history & checkin out movies..i used to run track, but I’ve gotten a little out of shape!!! lol… Don’t sleep, I’m comin’ back!!! lol

What is your ultimate dream, where do you see this taking you in 5, or even 10 years from now?

DJ Bro-Rabb: My ultimate dream is to dj all over the world & to have my name put almost the greats..kid capri,jazzy jeff,red alert,etc..Ima also get into the production side to things when i feel im ready for it.It’s not as easy as it looks.The djing will always be number 1 for me,even 10 years from now….

You’ve done parties from small clubs to big malls… where are your favorite venues to play?

DJ Bro-Rabb: Its hard to say where my favorite venues are.I like big and flashy venues.Any venue with a stage is always a plus.I really like stages..

What are some of your early influences in music?

DJ Bro-Rabb: My early influences were early hip hop,soul and classic rock.I love groups like EARTH,WIND & FIRE,THE O’JAYS, KISS, AEROSMITH, PARLIAMENT, JAMES BROWN, and many others… too many to name!!!!

You have your Butter team and your entertainment going… What’s that all about?

DJ Bro-Rabb: THE BUTTA TEAM is a group of dj’s & producers that i got down with in 1996.Last year,we put out the title track to our movie called WELCOME 2 DURHAM.The single was produced by our man 9th wonder.It also featured BIG DADDY KANE & LITTLE BROTHER..The rest of the soundtrack was produced by THE BUTTA TEAM.The movie and soundtrack is in stores now nationwide..THE BUTTA TEAM & RDU919 MUSIC & FILMS..HOLLA!!!!

Last question, I ask everyone, so don’t be shy… who’s your celebrity crush, was or still is?

DJ Bro-Rabb: WOW,crushes!!!! lets see,

  • VIDA GURELERA (bangin)
  • FREE (don’t look her age)
  • AMERIE (short,doesn’t hurt)
  • JENNIFER HUDSON (thickness is cool)

there are soooo many!!!! i forget names,but yall get the idea..lol SEE YALL AT A CLUB NEAR U!!!!!!!! HOLLA


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