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The Interview: Gerina Di Marco

For those that don’t know about Gerina Di Marco, give the readers a quick run down of who you are and what you are about?

Gerina: I’m a singer/songwriter… I’m passionate about life, about love and music!! I believe everything happens for a reason, so I’m always happy with whatever life throws my way. I love what I do and I think it shows on the music that I write 😉

How does being Venezuela born, with Italian and Venezuela parents, living everywhere from Miami, Las Vegas to LA, influence your sound?

Gerina: I grew up in a tropical island (Margarita Island), then I moved to Miami, then Vegas and now L.A…. I love different cultures, different languages, different sounds, different people.

I think the mix of all these places, people, cultures, etc have sculpted my music into a sound that mixes pop with rock with a bit of country and a full spoon of latin flavor 😉

You moved to Florida, Miami/St Petersburg area, at a young age, 16, to learn better english, and to get an education. Do you think that helped you become a better more well rounded artist and song writer? Why?

Gerina: Absolutely!!! I don’t think that music is only a matter of getting in front of a microphone and singing…. Publishing deals, producer royalties, management percentage, recording procedures, etc, are also a part of the music business. I met a lot of influential people through my college, and I wouldn’t be able to produce and defend myself the way I do today, if it wasn’t because of it 😉

Before you became the talented artist and performer you are now, you were and are, an amazing song writer, even being recognized at the 2005 BMI Latin Awards. Writing for such artists as Jon Secada. Do you think being a great song writer not only gives you an edge as a performer, but makes you a better all round talent?

Gerina: If it does, that is not my intention… I love writing my songs because I feel them every time I sing them… Is a way of expressing my emotions and believe me they change all the time.

I was very fortunate to have co-written the song “Closer to You” for Thalia, along with Steve Morales…. It all happened so quick and before I knew, I was being recognized by BMI for best song and that to me was a big accomplishment 😉

For 2 years you were the lead of a band that performed at the Bellagio in Las Vegas… Do you think that was your breakout opportunity? And did that really make you a better performer? Why?

Gerina: It definitely helped me with my performing skills. In Vegas you have to entertain people not only by singing but also by talking…. I think that was my biggest challenge!! It was great exposure, because we would be performing in front of large audiences from all around the world and consequently my fan base is all over the place 😉

You released your first studio album on Aim High Records, in July of 2006… What has been the reaction to it? Have you received the response you hoped for?

Gerina: Honestly, that was an interesting project…. Independent projects are tough because they don’t get the support from the radio stations that the big labels do and consequently, just a few people get to hear the music. The reaction from playing live shows is always amazing!! And hearing from my fans how much they love the CD, that’s all that really matters to me 😉

The album, “Gerina”, features 9 english, and 5 Spanish tracks… How important is it to you to use both influences in your music? Why not just release an all english album? Or all Spanish album?

Gerina: We had so much material in both English and Spanish that we just decided to take the best of both and make an album…. I think my influences will be on my records whether is an English or Spanish album, to me they both feel natural and real… I also have songs in Italian, but don’t get me started on that 😉

You web site is amazing… It’s one of the things that first attracted me to you and your music back in the day. I have been following your career ever since. How much do you thing the internet has helped you in the music business? How important is a web site and services like MySpace, Facebook, etc… for getting out the word about you and your music?

Gerina: The internet has made it a lot easier for independent artist to get a certain level of notoriety. You have to spend hours and hours and hours to do so, and I’m really not the best at doing that. I spend my time writing and producing 24/7… I love coming up with new songs and new sounds…. I have to say though, I’ve been lucky because the people who have found out about my music, have done so on their own and that to me feels great…. The music business is changing right in front of our eyes and whoever wants to do music has to adapt to the new ways of promoting, distributing or selling an album.

As a child you were in commercials for several products, Colgate, Samba Candy, & Cotton Candy Clothing… Do you still get the urge to act, continue to evolve into more than just music? Or is your sole focus right now on just music and making it your priority?

Gerina: I’m focused on my music for now, but if the opportunity of doing some acting comes up, I would consider it 😉 I took some acting lessons in London, and I remember having so much fun… Sometimes it feels good to pretend to be someone else for a second, and then be happy to be who you are 😉

Anything going on with you right now you want to share? Tours? Possibly coming to DC anytime soon? Where can we expect to see Gerina Di Marco pop up next, and when is the next album coming?

Gerina: I’ve been working on two new albums… One in English and one in Spanish…. they should be coming out early next year and samples of the new music will be playing soon on: www.gerinamusic.com or www.myspace.com/gerinamusic The English album is a blend between edgy pop with some rocking guitars and some electronica sounds, nothing crazy, just enough to get your head moving….. The Spanish album is loaded with powerful songs, some that will make you dance and some that will make you believe in love all over again 😉

I’m really exited about both of them. I have worked really hard to on both of them, and I think my fans are going to enjoy them very much!!!

You can check out more of Gerina at GerinaMusic.com and on MySpace

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