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The Interview: Roselynn Savage

First, thank you for taking the time to do this interview… Roselynn tell us a bit about Roselynn Savage and how you got here today.

Roselynn Savage: No Mike, Thank you for taking the time to interview me =]

I have been a performer since I was about 9 yrs old. Music has been my life, acting and modeling a passion. I couldn’t really imagine life without it. Growing up I was blessed to have a bunch of vocal, acting and image classes and constant opportunities. Down the road I met my manager and since then I have been working to get my album done.

You consider yourself a survivor and by all accounts, I think we are thankful you are here today. Your story is truly and inspirational one. What message do you like to send to people going through the trauma that you went through and what advice can you give them?

Roselynn Savage: The biggest thing is to be strong & never give up. Life is way to beautiful to spend everyday looking at all of the ugly stuff in the world. Find something that you love to do & make that your life. Do what makes you happy, life is filled with so much opportunity when you look for it. And know that your are not alone, there is always someone out there that will listen, that can & will help you.

Back to music… You are working on your debut album, titled “A New Her”, tell us about it and when can we expect to hear it?

Roselynn Savage: Hopefully soon. I don’t like to put a deadline on my music. It’s like a painter telling you the date they will finish their next masterpiece. I believe that real art isn’t complete until it feels right. Sorry to keep people waiting.

Music, Modeling, Acting… Anything you don’t do? What got you into all those different genres? And what were some of your inspirations growing up?

Roselynn Savage: Ha-ha, I don’t cook… that’s what I don’t do.

My dad was my musical inspiration. He was a singer for an old soul band when he was a teenager. He was always singing… it made me happy. Then one day when I was in elementary school I just decided to join the choir.

Acting and modeling was more random. I just kind of decided to do it when there were auditions and opportunities. I was always that girl who wanted to do everything.

Out of the 3, music, acting, modeling… Which is most important to you? and why?

Roselynn Savage: Music. It has always been my entire world. There was music in my home growing up and now I live in a house with a built in studio. All of my friends are either singers, rappers or producers. Writing and singing is like therapy to me.

Next would be acting because it gives me a chance to let out the other sides of my personality without having to deal with the consequences and then modeling, even though I do more photo-shoots than anything else.

When was the first time you knew you wanted to be an entertainer?

Roselynn Savage: Honestly, I never wanted to be an entertainer. Performing for people scared me. It’s just one of those things that come along in the packaged deal. Eventually I got used to it. I do what I do because I love finding different forms of artistic expression.

You are beautiful and talented… What does a guy have to do to catch Roselynn Savage’s eye? What type of guy turns you on?

Roselynn Savage: Aww.. thank you! [BLUSH]

Honestly, I like the guy who isn’t showing off and who doesn’t hit on me. I hate it when a guy tries too hard. I dig the guy who doesn’t have game and isn’t sitting there checking out all of the girls. The one that waits for the girl to approach him, or to catch his attention. The quiet guy of the group, silent but cool and confident. I find the mysterious one sexy. A masculine guy with brown hair, expressive eyes and who’s taller than I am [since I like to wear heels when I go out].

A big turn on is a guy who knows how to carry himself, with a good sense of style, who defiantly smells good. One who will open doors and give you their coat when its cold. Someone who will take me out and show me off because he’s proud to have such a cool chick by his side.

Unfortunately for all of the single guys out there who are thinking “Score! that’s me!” I hate to tell you this, but I already found him.

So tell us… When and who was your first kiss? And how was it?

Roselynn Savage: Um… I think it was my first boyfriend. His name was Jimmy… Jimmy Davis. My friends used to say he looked like Nick Carter. It was like the kiss in the movies where time stops… but it takes like twenty minutes to figure out where to put your nose. He was my first love. I think I still have a picture of him at my parents house with all of my old stuff.

Any future plans to tour? I’ve noticed you do some work in California, when is the rest of the country going to get to see Ms. Savage live and in person?

Roselynn Savage: At the moment I’m focusing on the album but I’m sure pretty soon here I’ll get back in the groove. When I perform I like to go all out with dancers and cool costumes and routines. I will not do a show if it’s not going to blow people away. Right now I can’t focus on that much preparation, especially because I’m taking a full schedule in college.

I’ve seen a few of your video blogs, and you seem to be quite natural entertaining people. What got you started in using social media to your advantage, and what purpose do you think it serves to push you further into the spotlight?

Roselynn Savage: Thank you =]

I just started posting stuff for fun on my youtube[www.youtube.com/roselynnsavage]. I like to make little projects here and there or just post some stuff to keep people updated. It’s really cool because I can communicate and network with people all around the world and in that way it’s more accessible for people to get to know me as well as check out my music. I love Myspace! To all of you who haven’t already, add me!www.myspace.com/roselynnsavage.

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