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The Interview: YFame

You just dropped “The Somebody-ish Nobody”… What was the inspiration and motivation behind this mix-tape album?

YFame: Well the inspiration just came from my life experiences, just like the rest of my mixtapes. There were certain times i felt like a somebody, and then there were times i felt like a nobody. Times i wasn’t even thought by the next man, and time i felt like a superstar. A lot of emotion went into this project. Anger, Sadness, Loneliness, Happiness, Cocky-modesty, and just plain old humility. Often i feel like i’m a somebody, trapped inside the body of a nobody.

For those that don’t know… Tell us a little something about YFame. Where are you from and where are your goals in the rap game?

YFame: I’m 20 years old, i’ve been making music since the age of 10, so i’m no rookie when it comes to that. I’m from Philadelphia, PA. I currently reside Pennsauken, New Jersey. Nice place. I like to say “Philly RAISED me, Jersey GREW me”. My goal aren’t mainly set in the rap game, more like the entertainment industry, period. I would like to become of the most influential music producers of all time. I want to produce ALL KINDS of music, i would never limit myself to Rap. I also want to do some commercial music, video game music & TV show music. I might even get into directing, who knows, I always have ideas.

You say you made yourself… No one made you. How much hard work goes into what you do? How long of a process was it to create “The Somebody-ish Nobody“?

YFame: The process took 20 years ( Haha ) but no, like i said I’ve been making music for 10 years so i guess you can say 2001 is when the creation began. If one wanted to be me, there would be tons of work to do, not to sound cocky. That person would have to learn to play the keyboard all by themselves, write songs, produce the music for the songs, & engineer the recording sessions for the songs. Also, they would have to win countless rap battles in high school, Start a production company, find a few artists with talent just as good as theirs, build relationships & produce whole projects for those artists. Now branding comes into play. They would have to find a niche or image for themselves, get merchandise made, ( T-shirts, pens, lanyards ), do some shows, get recognized on a nice amount of blogs & websites, start their OWN website, produce & write quality projects and release them for free, do some radio appearances, take a few trips to New York and bang on some label doors, All while staying humble ……. I would say that’s a lot of damn work.. LOL!

With the internet and unparalleled access these days… Does an up and coming artist need a major label to succeed? Or can you thrive without one?

YFame: No, an artist does not necessarily need a major label to succeed. With the right amount of money, the right connections, and the right state of mind, an artist can do exactly what a record label does, in some cases even better. Now in my opinion, what couldn’t hurt is distribution deal. As long as an artist has a strong backing & following, a distribution deal would be perfect. Not only can an upcoming artist thrive without a major label, but he or she could make a living. It’s definitely not impossible.

You get deep in “The Somebody-ish Nobody” with some of your tracks. What personal experiences played a role in your development as a music artists/rapper?

YFame: Well like i said before, there were times i felt like a nobody, and times i felt like a somebody. One of those experiences would have to be working my first job. I was there for 6 months. They had me working with used clothes in a hot warehouse. I felt like a modern day slave. That helped me with my drive as an artist. Working at that job truly had me feeling like the ultimate nobody. My dad’s passing also played a big part in my development & drive as an artist. All my dad wanted to do is see me succeed, and his passing made me believe that i HAVE to make it happen for myself.

You produce your tracks and beats. Which is more your passion? Producing or being an MC?

YFame: Music Production without a doubt. Production was my first love and it always will be. You can rap over a beat easily, but my fellow music producers will agree that there’s no greater feeling than MAKING music. especially if you’re ALSO an emcee.

Being from Philly, do most of your influences come from NY and the East Coast? What inspires your style?

YFame: Lyrically ? Yes, the East Coast inspires my style. Musically? Everything inspires my style. I’m compatible with anything and everybody. I grew up listening to 90’s East Coast Hip Hop, but as i got older i branched out to Jazz, R&B, Pop, & Alternative which explains why i’m so well-rounded.

You are still young, but what advice would you give other young and up and comers that are trying to get put on?

YFame: Be patient, humble & determined. Don’t wait on others, do what YOU have to do for yourself. Dont believe everything you hear & don’t get your hopes up. There will be times where your hopes and dreams get shot down. When this happens, continue. Quitters never prosper, be fire-hearted.

What’s next for YFame?

YFame: Shows and more music. Some time next year (2011) i’ll be shooting a video for the track “Applause” off of “The Somebody-ish Nobody” mixtape.

Where should people go if they want to hear more from YFame?

YFame: My website – www.iamYFame.comwww.iamYFame.com/YTuneswww.iamYFame.com/Mixtapes

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