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Microsoft: Get Off My 800lb Gorilla Ass

Stop me if you have heard this before… Microsoft has this new product coming out, it will still suck. We hate it. Microsoft is a terrible company. Have you seen the product? No, but it’s Microsoft so it has to suck.

The company that arguably runs the planet with it’s software, servers and platforms… yet… is almost universally crapped upon every chance the world gets a chance to. But why? How did Microsoft go from the big dog, to just a 800 lb gorilla in the room that people love to hate on? More so, is it possible for them to ever change that perception or should they even bother to try?

No matter the operating system, whether it was Windows 98, XP, Vista or even the upcoming Windows 7, people have bashed Microsoft. They are called dirty words like monopoly and competitors take cheap shots at will. If they say something back, then MS is the bad guy, if they take it then people think the bashing is correct in merit. Let’s face it, love or hate MS, they can’t win in a public relations war in this current marketplace and era.

Apple fanboys bash MS for one reason, an unbridled passion for their support of Apple. Most have never touched Windows or a MS device and just talk shit without ever giving the products a chance. Case in point, Scott Bourne on an episode of MacBreak Weekly said something to the effect of not being able to imagine that Windows 7 will be any good. Had he tried the betas or release candidate… nope. Will he… nope. Even Leo Laporte on that same episode, a well known mac fanboy, said that Windows 7 is legitimately very good.

I love that Mac Vs PC commercial that aired near the beginning of the series of ads. It said that oh you have Vista, you have to buy a new compatible printer, that sucks. Well in a fair and real comparison… it should have been oh, well you have a mac and have to buy an entirely new computer every time you upgrade. Let me be the first to say, I think Apple puts out some of the best products on the planet. But they are just as evil if not more so than Microsoft. They are the same company that tries and tries to call MS proprietary, yet can you use a competitor’s mp3 player on iTunes? Use the iPhone on a 3rd party’s software (legit, not unauthorized). Even compared jailbreaking your iPhone to a terrorist act.

How much would you like OSX if it came without a browser? Without a media player? Without all the in-the-box components it does? When you buy apple it’s the package, not one aspect but the whole thing that makes it what it is. And yet, people scream to the heavens that oh my god, Microsoft comes with Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and now are even crying that it wants to offer a free anti-virus and security suite. Apple does these things and it’s considered common place. MS does and the European Union wants to fine them billions of dollars.

And what happens if Microsoft stops including these extras? Offers them as an add-on download or something of the like… People would talk (even more so) about how bad the product is. Windows 7 is by far the best OS Microsoft has ever developed, and is head to head with OSX if not, in all honestly steps beyond.

People talk about ChromeOS, the lack of a quality MS operating system for netbooks. Well let me tell you first hand that not only does Windows 7 run well on netbooks… It runs great! And ChromeOS, google in general is a product aimed at the tech/geek community, and anyone that thinks that ChromeOS will be a huge success in it’s scaled down, no frill, no bells and whistles current setup is completely insane. Consumers want that. They need it. It keeps their attention and makes them feel what they are doing on computers aren’t nerdy or geeky, but innovative and cool.

X-Box, despite it’s red rings of death, over-heating, and constant problems has surpassed Sony in the market, a move that no one ever thought possible. And if not for the surprising success of the Wii, then 360 would be the pace-setter in the game today. I personally think the PS3 is a better product. But it misses the price point and its marketing is weak at best. 360 has done a great job of not only getting out a year earlier, but continuing its sales and success.

This article isn’t about defending Microsoft. I use mac’s and pc’s. And I think they are both great. I like Apple, not always the way they do business, but I own an iPhone and use their OS and software. I also run Windows 7, because quite simply, I honestly feel it fits my needs better than OSX. Not bashing OSX, but I like the open-source and games and just feeling like I’m not stuck in a sandbox on OSX. Windows 7 is the best Operating System. But that is JUST MY OPINION. And I’m entitled. Apple puts out tremendous products. But they are proprietary and anti-competitive in nature and I think that is something that people should notice, mention and talk about before they bash MS for the exact same thing.

Oh, and the people crying about how Vista copied OSX with widgets and transparency and everything else… Do your research. Apple didn’t invent any of that. Widgets/Gadgets were on PC’s way before OSX with Konfabulator which was later bought by Yahoo. Transparency, bells, whistles and the like, were always on PC’s as skinable add-ons. Things that you CAN do on a PC that you can’t on a MAC. Macs are proprietary, sandboxed… You are protected. And for a lot of users they like that. But for a lot of hardcore tech geeks like myself, we like building our own computers, making our OS personalized and having the freedom to mess up our computer if we want.

MS Office, while absurdly expensive, is without a doubt the best office product on the planet. Can open office and thunderbird be open alternatives? Absolutely. I think MS misses the price point a lot. They hit with XBOX, but miss mostly. And they are too consumed with stopping piracy instead of using it as a marketing tool. Make people be more enticed to purchase other MS products. Piracy isn’t good for software developers that lose countless sales because of it, but it is reality in a digital age with products that don’t have to be material to exist, that can be transferred in minutes and moved from computer to computer with ease.

Can MS become a media darling? Will people ever cheer the name Microsoft? Probably not. Because it is just easier to hate the front runner. And anyone that thinks that Apple or Google is catching up, get a reality check. Apple had 8.7 percent of the US PC market in the second quarter this year. They ARE competition, but not a threat. Their fanboys are just louder than everyone else. Google is a search and advertising business. Their marketshare is only in those markets. Overall, Microsoft is involved in so many markets that they can have a 54 billion dollar profit in a quarter and consider it a bad quarter.

This is my feeling… Microsoft is no different than any other tech company. They put out very solid products. And while their lack of design talent is anything but inspirational, they just work. Microsoft isn’t a bad company. If you don’t like them and want to scream at their business practices, take a deep look at what company you think is good. MS is the 800lb gorilla in the room. People love to hate the big dog. And instead of trying to legitimately compete, they choose to cry, whine, sue and bitch their way along. In fact, while Vista had it’s flaws, most notably the power it required involved in the hardware department, it was a very good OS. But most people who cry about it, ask them one question… “Have you tried it?” Their typical response… “No, I just heard”

Sad we live in a world full of a lot of sheep. Same with politics, and people follow party lines without thinking for themselves.

Microsoft makes A LOT of mistakes, but they aren’t any worse than your favorite company. The European Union needs to break up, as they are nothing but corrupt policy makes and politicians. And Apple Fan Boys need to develop an open mind. I love technology, not just PC’s or Mac’s or iPhones or anything else… I love tech! And that means I give everyone an equal shot to be successful. So people please… Give up the witch hunt… Just love tech and help push it forward and stop hating. And if you want to have an opinion on something? Try actually using it first.

And Microsoft, you can help that public perception by actually caring about the perception, stop being bullish and standoffish against the media, embrace the public and make IE actually stop ruining websites (and please kill IE6). I love your products but let’s be real. You need a public face-lift.

Mike Ginn
Written By

Husband, father, craft bartender, writer and content creator.

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